Morpheus on… Dates

Right now it’s 2008. Which is generally SPOKEN as “Two Thousand And Eight.” Right?

And yet if you ask The Man In The Street when modern history began, he’ll say “1066 – Battle Of Hastings.” And he’ll enunciate it as Ten-Sixty-Six. Then if you ask him when the Edwardian Era was, if he’s well-educated he’ll reply, “1901-10, mate.” Which will come out as Nineteen-O-One to Ten. Of course strictly speaking, he SHOULD have said Nineteen-ZERO-One to Ten – O is a LETTER – but now I’m being pedantic.

But do you see where I’m going with this? The thing is, this year SHOULD be spoken as Twenty-O-Eight (or strictly, Twenty-Zero-Eight).

But it isn’t. After the Millennium, when we called the year Two Thousand, we just carried ON – aided possibly by memories of “2001 A Space Odyssey” – Two Thousand And One, Two Thousand And Two, etc.

The last time this would have been an issue would have been in the year 1000. But since Britain was still in the Dark Ages, we’ve no way of knowing WHAT they called it.

So m’question is when, if ever, will we revert back to describing the year in couplets? In The Year 2525?


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