Morpheus on… The € (Euro)

When this historian finally ESCAPED the cold, eternally WET, over-priced, over-regulated MISERY of the United Kingdom of Great Britain some six years ago, he had thought that that was THAT. But NO.

Some years earlier, he’d had a try at writing a piece of fiction (and found that he wasn’t very good at it). It was a time-travel piece in which the hero meets a girl in the past – and ends up being his own grandfather.

At one point, while writing the piece, he needed a name for the then-proposed new European currency. At that time, a name which was a bit similar to an obsolete French denomination was being rejected – for that reason. And since at that time no alternative was being considered, he made UP the name “Euro”. Imagine his glee, when a year later, that very name was chosen!

But while every OTHER country in Europe adopted the “Euro”, Britain stood firm. The Great British Public did not WANT to lose their Great British Pound in favour of the Euro. And Tony Blair lacked the intestial fortitude to force it upon them.

This despite the fact the French were happy to fly in the face of hundreds of years of tradition and dump their franc in favour of the new currency. Likewise the Germans with their mark. The Irish with their punt. Etc.

Well, let’s hope the Brits are pleased with themselves. Two years ago, a British Pound (this keyboard doesn’t even HAVE the symbol) was worth one Euro FIFTY. A year ago, one Euro THIRTY-FOUR. While this very day, it stands at less than one Euro ZERO-FIVE. That’s €1.05. How long before it hits parity? Then sinks LOWER?

So why does this bother Your Humble Scribe, now that he’s escaped to the sun? Because all of his money is in POUNDS, that’s why.



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  1. Posted by jmkeighland on January 8, 2009 at 11:02 pm

    Not only that, the current rate makes a holiday in any European Country very Expensive, assuming you’ve still got a job to pay for it. On recent trips to Holland and Dublin, I found out how expensive. Taking 1 Euro = 1 Pound, which it nearly is, Amsterdam and Dublin are 1.5x the price of London, 6 quid for a beer, 25 fora decent meal (you’d pay 7 quid for a McDonalds meal)…if the Euro came to the UK, we couldn’t afford to live.

    The way companies are going under, wages won’t rise, but the cost of everything else will, after all they aren’t going to serve a pint for 4 Euros, when other cities are charging 6. A beer in Noordvijk (a small Dutch town) is about 4.40 Euros, I couldn’t afford 4.40 in the small town I live in, and neither could anybody else, so the pubs that didn’t close after the smoking ban would almost certainly close if the Euro came in here.

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