Morpheus on… Celsius

Anders Celsius was a berk.

For it was he who came up with the idea of using zero degrees and one hundred degrees as a scale and the temperatures of melting ice and boiling water as reference points. And then he BLEW it.

He decided zero would be the boiling water and one hundred, the melting ice.

It took later, more logical brains to realize that folks would better relate to a scale where the numbers went UP with the temperature.

America has never warmed to Centigrade (as I call it, Celsius having naused it) but it’s actually easier to relate to than Fahrenheit. 32 for freezing and 212 for boiling is NONSENSE.

Consider this…

Zero=freezing – the logic is undeniable.

Ten=cold. No snow, but a skinny-dip is out of the question.

Twenty=warm. Vigorous activity will produce sweat.

Thirty=hot. When Brits wish aircon was more fashionable in that country.

Forty=AARGH! The Sahara Desert, around lunchtime.

So there it is: Zero, ten, twenty, thirty, forty. Freezing, cold, warm, hot, AARGH! What’s complicated about that? My pleasure, America.


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