Morpheus on… George Wan…sorry…WaLker Bush – Update!

We can say ONE good thing about George W. Bush.

Granted, he was the most unpopular U.S. president of all time – more so even than Tricky Dick Nixon.

Granted he couldn’t string six words together without fluffing two of them.

Granted he couldn’t find his way out of a room unless the Secret Service held the door open for him.

Granted he was known the World over as The Monkey – and looked and acted like one.

Granted he danced like your Dad.

Granted he’d elbowed his way unceremoniously into the Oval Office, pushing a much better man aside.

Granted he couldn’t run a COMPANY, far less a country.

Granted the previous administration had so little respect for him that they removed the “W” keys from all the computers and typewriters in the West Wing.

Granted he was Jeb Bush’s dumber brother who nobody rated (and Jeb was hardly the sharpest tool in the box).

Granted he managed to lose TWO wars, where a smarter man would have won the first and avoided the second.

And granted his connections with his country’s enemies made him the last man America should have had in the White House.

But as stated above, there is now, finally, one good thing we can say about him – he’s GONE.


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