Morpheus on… Obama

Much is expected of Obama. America and the World are in a mess and many see this man as the Second Coming. We hope he can sort it out.

But let’s travel ten years into the future. One cannot predict WHAT he will do during the next four or eight years. But whatever his legacy proves to be, it won’t have to be much to elevate him above his predecessors.

I mean, during MY lifetime, U.S. Presidents have hardly distinguished themselves, have they? Let us pause for a moment to consider what THEY are remembered for…

Kennedy:  shagged around, nearly started WW3 – then got shot.

Johnson:  ramped up the Vietnam War.

Nixon:  Watergate.

Ford:  fell over a lot.

Carter:  tried to extricate the Embassy Hostages. Result – fiasco.

Reagan:  senile dementia.

Bush 1:  Reagan Lite.

Clinton:  Monica Lewinsky.

Bush 2:  (see below)

If Obama can’t top THAT lot, he’s not the man we all HOPE he is.


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