Morpheus on… The American Electorate

Forty years ago, America put two men on the Moon. And during the past decade, scientists have proven the multi-billion-year-old Universe’s gazillions of stars – have planets circling them. Which means there can no longer be ANY doubt that We Are Not Alone.

And yet today, two thousand years AFTER the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, if two men run for POTUS – one of whom claims belief in extra-terrestrial life – while the other claims the Earth was created in six days by an omnipotent, invisible super-being, a mere five thousand years ago – who will America elect?

The fact is, despite overwhelming scientific evidence to support ET’s existence, there are STILL MANY people who doggedly refuse to accept the IDEA of alien civilisations, whilst steadfastly hanging on to the Creation theory. But the tragedy is, unless the would-be Most Powerful Person On Earth PANDERS to them, his or her chances of  entering the White House are ZERO.

All of which means that any presidential hopeful has either to actually BELIEVE the primitive superstition, or LIE – which is not a good way to start a presidential career. And the American voter is faced with the choice of voting for EITHER a liar – or a fool.


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