Morpheus on… Dirty Words

The words in question are “liberalism” and “socialism”.

Liberalism is a political system which is… well, liberal. Liberal being defined as free. It promotes freedom from oppression by the church, the “upper classes” and… government itself.

Socialism is a political system that promotes the idea of a society where all are created equal and should therefore benefit equally from society’s labours.

So what the hell is wrong with that?

Well, let’s look at the political systems of Britain and America. Britain has always had THREE political parties.

The Conservatives, or Tories. This is Britain’s right-wing party. Its legacy of greed, sleaze and corruption has decimated Britain.

The Labour Party. Which is the left-wing party. And whilst being well-meaning, its general incompetence has meant that it’s achieved little more than the Tories.

The Liberal Party. The Centre-ground. The Liberals – or Whigs – were a strong force in Britain until the early 1920s, when the Tories replaced them in popularity. Since then, they have existed as little more than a token party. Despite picking up “protest votes” mid-term, for the last ninety-odd years they have never seriously challenged the position of the other two parties.

Briefly, in the ’80s, they linked up with a new party called the Social Democrats. But despite picking up a significant percentage of the popular vote, ninety-odd years of boundary changes, created by Labour and the Tories, ensured they came a close SECOND in most regions – thus guaranteeing they would STAY powerless.

Therefore today, thanks to the Tories and the “New” Labour Party, Britain’s two-party system looks like remaining entrenched for ever.

But it is this “New” Labour Party that has made the word “socialism” a dirty word. Back in the day, Labour ESPOUSED Socialism, the party being a more moderate version of the Communist movement. But with the advent of Tony Blair, the party SPAT upon its former ideals, moved well to the RIGHT and declared Socialism to be a thing of the past.

Thus Britain now has two political parties – the Far Right (the Tories) and the Moderate Right (“New” Labour). Which brings it into line with…

America. She has only EVER had two parties. The Republicans – America’s right-wing party. And the Democrats. Who are theoretically America’s LEFT-WING party – except that America has never embraced ANY kind of left-wing ideals, thus like Britain’s “New” Labour, it is merely a moderate RIGHT-wing concern.

And it is America – “The (so-called) Land Of The Free” – who has demonised the word “liberal”.

So thanks a lot, Americans and “New” Labourites. Socialism and Liberalism were two lofty ideals until you two jokers came along – and DEBASED them.


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