Morpheus on… The Bris

Let’s apply some logic here. One presumes those of the Jewish faith believe that God created Man, right? And in his… sorry, His image, yes? And further, that God is perfect? So where do they get off “improving” His design?

And it’s not even an improvement ANYWAY. The nob, once stripped of its protective covering (which rolls BACK during intercourse and is kept in place by a flexible membrane) develops a thick, hard skin which drastically reduces sensitivity – and therefore, the enjoyment of sex. Even masturbation is affected adversely (not to mention MESSILY). The ORIGINAL design works FINE.

This writer’s research has failed to shed any light on this. According to Wiki, some PERSON, thousands of years ago, wrote a piece instructing followers to perform (or have performed) this mutilation on all eight-day-old male babies – a procedure which is impractical, even today, to reverse.

And it’s only our current obsession with P.C. (and Jewish pressure groups) that ensure Western society tolerates said mutilation (imagine if it didn’t exist and someone tried to introduce the practise NOW).

Now don’t get me wrong. Apart from this one niggle, Jewish people are among my personal favourites in the World. They have the best sense of humour and fun – showbiz would be a DESERT without them – and some of my best friends, etc.

And there are religions with FAR worse “traditions” than the Bris – you know who you are – it’s just that THIS is what I’m asking NOW. So whilst for me, it’s academic (thankfully, I HAVE my foreskin) I’d still love SOMEONE to give me the reasoning behind this practise. You don’t even have to register with WordPress. Just leave a “comment”.

And so long as it doesn’t accuse me of being a Nazi/ Jew-hater/”troll”/ anti-Semitic, moronic Gentile or whatever – I’ll PUBLISH it. Promise!


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  1. Posted by Cy Quick on May 11, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    I recall comments in Rolling Stone magazine about the John & Yoko nude album cover, and mention of the completeness of the Lennon kit. (I believe the back of the album was all bum.) Odd that USA went that-a-way, with the mutilation as almost a constitutional right. But I ought not to jest. This is serious, and the tradition is sick!

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