Morpheus on… Ageing

I look 20 years younger than most of my contemporaries. Which is partly down to good GROOMING, but mainly down to – dumb LUCK. Fact is, NATURE is responsible for ageing.

F’rinstance, in the 1967 film “You’re A Big Boy Now”, Peter Kastner was playing a 19-year-old, while Rip Torn played his middle-aged Dad. However, Peter was in fact 24, while Rip was only 36 – just twelve years older.

But whilst Rip went on to enjoy a long successful career, Peter was barely heard from again. Why? Because Rip had those genes that virtually HALT ageing. Oh sure, he was aged UP for his role in “Big Boy” – but still working today, more than 40 years later, he hardly looks any older than he did then.

So maybe, instead of messing about with test-tubes, scientists should dissect RIP – to find out WHY!


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