Morpheus on… The Age Of Consent

There are around two hundred countries on this planet and the laws governing when one may bonk – without risking JAIL – vary considerably.

In primitive countries, the law says you must be MARRIED – or TWENTY-FIVE (by which time, one supposes, they figure you’ve been “left on the shelf” – so what the hell).

In many American states, the age is eighteen – about three years AFTER a man’s sexual peak. Although, down South, one hears of old geezers marrying second-cousins of twelve. Apparently, down there, the church has more power than the cops.

In Europe, despite the eternal drive for uniformity, the age varies dramat- ically between countries. From twelve in Holland (which has Europe’s lowest rate of teen-pregnancy) to sixteen in Britain (which has its HIGHEST).

Here in Thailand, the age is the same as MOST countries – fifteen.

However it must be said that countries with low ages of consent often have additional legislation, to try to control middle-aged creepy guys (like this writer) from preying on young teens. Like “banded” systems, where under-eighteens can only have congress with OTHER under-eighteens.

In Britain, the age of consent was introduced in the Victorian age – to stop rich hoorays going from the West End of London to the East End (Jack The Ripper country) to nail KIDS (STDs were lethal and incurable in those days, so virgins – or those who’d only had a few partners – were at a premium).

Of course, the age of consent for GAY sex has always been a thorny subject. It is considered that a young person who is genetically programmed to be gay will not be traumatised by a straight encounter – whereas the other way round…

This is fair enough – since although most gays know they’re gay by the age of fourteen, many are still “questing” (trying to DISCOVER their orientation) well into their TWENTIES. They need to find their OWN solution – not be jumped on by an ageing whoopsy. Thus the age of consent for gays is often higher than for straights.

Of course in primitive countries, there IS NO age of consent for gay sex. The act is still illegal. According to Imadinnerjacket (or whatever his name is) Iran HAS no gays anyway (although it DOES have a lot of closets).

So where does this leave us? Well, I’M alright – I’ve always found girls less than nineteen to be sexually immature (90% of sex is in the brain) and thus unrewarding as an experience – plus I’ve been happily married to my Lady for nearly eight years now and we still feature most nights.

But the YOUNG today have more pressure than ever before. Right-wing morons try to sell them ABSTINENCE (tell me how THAT works out) while the media sells them SEX. In Eighties slasher movies, the kids who got it on were the first to lose their heads – and arms – and legs – and… But the kids knew they were only movies.

Today’s kids already have their WANDERLUST repressed by society’s need for them to get further educashun – which is why they rebel. So stifling their sex-drives as WELL, is sure to lead to trouble.

This writer lost HIS cherry at fourteen – but only as an exercise. Unfortunately, the experience was mediocre.

But to “wait for marriage” is disastrous. It’s unnatural and screws UP the experience when it finally DOES happen. Far better to wait for LOVE – or at least, someone with whom you have sexual chemistry. Then the First Time can be magical. And that First Time is the one that will define the act for you for years – perhaps decades – to come.

Therefore, to “regulate” when one may HAVE that experience is innately WRONG. Love – and sexual chemistry – is a rare thing and when it happens, one needs to be free to EXPLORE it. Which means the “banded” system makes a lot of sense – coupled with SOLID sex-education.

But whatever system a society employs – it needs to remember there are no simple answers. “Just Say No” – doesn’t MAKE it.


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