Morpheus on… Genetics

The great Oscar Wilde was once button-holed at a party by a woman who, not realizing he was gay, suggested they get together and produce a child. She theorised it would benefit from her beauty and his brains. Oscar then pointed out this plan was flawed by the possibility the child might inherit HIS beauty and HER…

This oft-told tale leads me to another. Posh and Becks were being interviewed for a puff piece. When the hack asked how they had celebrated their wedding anniversary, Becks replied that they dined at a restaurant. When asked which one, he looked troubled and replied, “Er… Station.” “Waterloo?” suggested the word-smith. “No.” “Euston?” “No.” “Victoria?” “Yeah, that’s it. Victoria, what was the name of that restaurant?”

My point is that genetics play an important part in deciding WHO we will be. If nature had been kind, Oscar and the woman might have produced a perfect child – but when BOTH partners are as thick as two short planks, their product is unlikely to be a rocket scientist either. This is just FACT.

So when I read a chat-room strand which asked why Thai women and European men get on so well, and saw that the main assumption concerned MONEY, I felt constrained to put in my two penn’oth. I pointed out there are plenty of other poor countries with beautiful women and no welfare system, but that European males don’t flock THERE, looking for brides.

I opined the actual reason was down to GENETICS. I.e., the Thai nation are blessed and cursed with a surfeit of oestrogen, which is marvelous for the women – little body hair, small bones, smooth skin, lovely hair – but not so hot for the MEN – luxuriant hair and a flat tummy being poor compensation for a tendency towards effeminacy (hence the large number of trans-gender males – or “lady-boys” – in that country).

On the other hand, Europeans are prone to an excess of testosterone, leading to THEIR big-boned, flabby women having to shave their legs and pits every day, while their men are BUTCH. Thus, I stated, a union between a European man and a Thai woman is akin to putting a Triumph engine into a Norton Feather-bed frame to produce a “Triton” – a classic motorcycle.

I further pointed out this fortunate interracial mix is not unique. F’rinstance, Afro-Caribbean men mix well with white European women – although this has less to do with genetics than social conditioning. Afro-Caribbean boys are traditionally taught to be ASSERTIVE, while their sisters are raised to be chaste (and never caught).

However, white European women are less repressed and many are fed up with wishy-washy “New Men” and prefer a partner with more CONFIDENCE.

Of course, both of the above examples are only STEREOTYPICAL. Individual people vary – some radically – from their group. But as a generalisation, it seemed not unreasonable.

So I figured these points ought to stimulate discussion, but all that happened was I began to be abused by some semi-literate P.C. arsehole called – let’s say, Harold. I responded by saying, “There are TWO ‘L’s in ‘troll’!” This resulted in some pencil-necked “moderator” DELETING all our posts as fast as we could enter them (like I needed help from HIM). Eventually, I tired of the site – but the experience taught me two important lessons.

One: the site in question often contains useful information, so it’s worth scanning occasionally – but not worth contributing to. But more importantly, two: P.C. paranoia has DEVASTATED the INTELLIGENT discussion of topics like genetics and racial stereotypes. Which is sad. I mean, provided you take one assumption as read, these subjects affect us all and SHOULD be open to people engaging in intelligent debate, without fear of being labeled a Nazi, “troll” or Frankenstein.

So what IS that assumption? Simple. All people are entitled to the same RESPECT as human beings. And while different groups of people may vary ENORMOUSLY in aspects such as race, creed, colour of skin and politics, tastes, habits, preferences, lifestyle and while TYPES of people vary in age, IQ, vocation, sex and sexual orientation, the basic fact remains we all have the same HUMAN RIGHTS.

But despite P.C. prats like “Harold” trying to convince us otherwise, people are not the SAME. Our genetic pre-dispositions, geographical locations and styles of upbringing define who we ARE. And this is not something to be FEARED, rather CELEBRATED. Think how BORING the World would be if we were all the damn same. Vive La Difference!

And an understanding of those differences enable us to COMMUNICATE with each other. And THAT helps prevent WARS. As far as the petty QUALITIES of groups and types are concerned, these have to be tolerated. After all, they are SUBJECTIVE. The qualities of a group that attract some individuals will inevitably repel others – and vice-versa.

Of course, while no-one IS “better” than anyone else, certain realities must be faced. Like, some people are more “worthy” than others. Doctors have to decide who will live and die every day, based on their worth to society. And some are just NICER. Who would YOU save from a fire? Your grouchy neighbour or his polite wife? These characteristics are fundamental.

However, when you FAVOUR – or worse, DEMONISE someone because of their RACE – THAT is where it comes off the rails. Racial hatred is born of ignorance. A primitive desire to beat the crap out of anyone perceived as different, in the interests of racial purity. But then, cavemen were unable to travel more than a few hundred miles from their place of birth. Whereas now, air-travel enables us to travel from anywhere to anywhere on the PLANET in a matter of HOURS – at worst, a few days.

But with this ability comes RESPONSIBILITY. Thanks to genetics, we will encounter people who are DIFFERENT from us. We have to understand and TOLERATE those differences. And burying our heads in the sand and declaring those differences don’t EXIST – is COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.

So there it is. I welcome comments on this piece from thoughtful souls. And provided they are coherent and civilized, I will publish them – even if they are diametrically opposed to my stated views. It’s called Healthy Discussion. Let the Revolution start here…


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