Morpheus on… Miracles

The other day, I performed a miracle in Tesco (they have them here in Thailand – miracles AND Tescos).

I spotted a dead bluebottle (a large fly, if you’re not a Brit) on the ice, on the fresh fish counter. So I picked it up and placed it on the palm of my hand. Slowly moving my face towards it, I made some passes over it. My wife and a couple of shop assistants watched, transfixed, as it began to move around and as I raised my hand – FLEW off across the shop. Ta-daaah!

They might have been less amazed had they realised I’d just performed a classic magic trick. Flies are not too smart and if they land on ice, the cold fools them into thinking it is Winter and they go into hibernation – merely APPEARING to be deceased.

My “magic passes” over the tiny creature had less to do with its rejuvenation than the fact I had simply removed it from the cold, put it onto my warm hand and moved my face close enough for my warm breath to thaw it out!

Of course, I’d also released a disease-carrying creature into a FOOD store – but I figured that was a small price to pay for being able to create the impression I was a GOD.


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