Morpheus on… British Trains

This author has already pointed out why many Brits are now EX-PAT Brits – and many others WISH they were. The constant rain. The absurd prices. The rules. The repression.

But here’s another one – the railway tracks are TOO CLOSE TOGETHER!

You’re sitting in your carriage, when suddenly – WHOOOOF!!! A train passes in the other direction and you nearly have a heart attack. And the reason is quite simply – it was TOO DAMN CLOSE.

The thing is, with a closure speed of 180 m.p.h., the shock wave set up is more than ANY amount of sound-deadening materials – including double-glazing – can deal with.

And it’s not the fact that modern trains are faster. The old steam expresses could go JUST as fast as today’s ones. The fault lies with the fact that British people think SMALL.

Many countries have WIDE strips of land for their trains to run on, so that the shock waves dissipate long before they hit trains on the neighbouring track.

No, the reason the Victorians only bought narrow strips of land for their choo-choos was they thought SMALL – and now, modern Brits are STUCK with the result.

Literally stuck, as those strips now have property – and bridges – surrounding them. To widen them would cost a fortune and as you may have heard, Britain is currently BROKE – which is ANOTHER good reason to leave!


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