Morpheus on… The Secret Of Life

So what IS the secret of life? Someone once theorised it’s rather like the question, “When one sails off and falls off the edge of the World…where does one LAND?” A stupid question NOW, but a thousand years ago…

The thing is, any question is inevitably tied to its answer. I mean, if you ask Paris Hilton what colour a red bus is, you don’t expect her to say “Thursday”. Okay, bad example. But MOST people would answer with a COLOUR.

M’point is, we only know the falling off the edge of the World question IS stupid because we know the ANSWER. But back before Copernicus, the poser was reasonable and if you’d given the answer – no-one would have UNDERSTOOD it.

So relating that to the secret of life, the theory goes that if there WAS an answer – we would be unable to UNDERSTAND it.

Later in these ramblings, I’ll tackle the PURPOSE of life…


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