Morpheus on… The Purpose Of Life

Earlier in these chronicles, I tackled “The Secret Of Life”. I now propose to take a run at its PURPOSE.

“The Purpose Of Life”. There isn’t one. I thank you.

Oh, you want more. All right then. Well, in the Third World, the purpose of life is merely SURVIVAL. But if you live in the DEVELOPED World (and since you are reading these ramblings on a COMPUTER, we’ll take that as read) you should be lucky enough not to have to WORRY about THAT.

Which means you may feel there ought to be SOME justification for your EXISTENCE. Well, there ISN’T – so DEAL with it. You merely ARE. That’s IT.

But don’t feel too bad – it took me about half a century to work that out. Some clever buggers realise it sooner – while others never DO.

As we traverse this Vale Of Tears, if we are paying attention, we pick stuff up. This knowledge serves to enlighten us regarding the way the World and its occupants WORK. Which is essential, as we are only born with our INSTINCTS – and jumping on a woman in the supermarket is frowned on.

And so, armed with experience and understanding, our journey SHOULD be bearable. But what happens when we DIE? Answer – we take ALL that knowledge WITH us. Unless of course, we pass it on. Which is the purpose of fireside chats, self-help books – and scribblings like this article.

But of course, if we were “hard-wired” with all the knowledge, experience and understanding gained in a lifetime, life would be POINTLESS. It’s MAKING all those stupid mistakes and how we DEAL with the consequences of them that makes life interesting. So, is the gaining of knowledge, experience and understanding the purpose of life?

No. It’s just part of the appeal.

Then there’s the experience itself. The World’s a varied place – filled to the brim with fascinating stuff that is yours for the taking. From “Star Trek” to Shakespeare – there are great writings. From Sinatra to Trance – there are great sounds. From bungee-jumping to scuba-diving – there are great activities. From fish and chips to fois gras – there are great tastes. And from the Grand Canyon to the Trossachs – there are great places. But that isn’t it either.

Experience, like Fame, Wealth, Power and Achievement is merely ANOTHER part of what makes life interesting. But even Love, which is of FAR greater importance than The Five Imposters (I tackled those elsewhere) is not the PURPOSE of life.

Of course, many say that the purpose of life is to help others. Well, it’s certainly a better way to live than crapping all over everyone, but even THAT’S not the purpose.

How about changing the WORLD for the betterment of its occupants ? Now THERE’S a worthy purpose, right? Yeah, if you can manage it. Trouble is, even (hallelujah) Obama will have his work cut out with THAT one.

No, while any or ALL of the above may give YOU a purpose, none of it is carved in stone. What you do with your life is up to YOU. You get one shot and then you become dust. Get swallowed up into the Continuum.

You can choose to make the most of your life – or waste it. You can absorb the World and its occupants – or ignore it and them.  You can try to repair the World and its occupants – or just exploit it and them. But ultimately, unless you build a bomb big enough to DESTROY it and them – it and they will still be here long after you’re gone.

And the only trace of your having been here, will be the memories left with those who knew you – until they too become dust.

Then again, if you make a movie, a record or write something – even for worthy WordPress – you’ll leave SOMETHING. So THAT’S the purpose of life? To make your mark. Right? NO!

Weren’t you LISTENING? I TOLD you at the TOP of this piece – there IS NO purpose of life!!!


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  1. Posted by Cy Quick on November 7, 2009 at 1:26 am

    Excellent piece, sir.


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