Morpheus on… Grandpa’s Grave

I recall the time when me and m’Dad went to check out Grandpa’s final resting place. We wended our way across the graveyard to the site. Finally we arrived and discovered that time had had its effects. The headstone looked like the Leaning Tower Of Pisa and the surround was covered in weeds.

And so we went home to gather the means required to give the old boy’s last domicile a makeover. We assembled some ready-mix cement, a trowel and other items and since they were heavy, placed them in an old sack. We also selected a spade, which would be necessary to straighten the headstone – but it was too big to go in the sack.

Then we returned to the cemetery and I parked up in the car-park. As we walked across to the graveyard, I noticed we were getting some strange looks from the people there. Slowly the reason why began to dawn on me. WE knew that we were there to perform a mundane task – but from the bystanders point of view, we were just two men going into a graveyard. One with a sack. The other with a spade.

Two words immediately sprang to mind. Burke and Hare…

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