Morpheus on… The Great Post Office Conspiracy

This author has discovered a conspiracy. It’s the damn Post Office. ALL of the Post Offices of the World. For decades, they’ve moaned about the minuscule prices they’re allowed to charge for standard letters. And now they’re DOING something about it.

They simply DUMP up to 50% of letters – and no-one knows where.

Which forces those who want their carefully wrapped and addressed letters and packets to ARRIVE – to send them REGISTERED. Or EMS-ed. Or any one of umpteen other services that are TRACKED – and cost a FORTUNE. This scribbler long ago got fed up and reluctantly succumbed to this blackmail – and out of several HUNDRED items sent and received this way, has never lost ONE.

But what of all the stuff that he is sent UN-registered? He never SEES half of it. And the tracking system doesn’t even WORK (ever tried to trace an item on the Interweb?) All registering does is get the Post Office to DO THEIR DAMN JOB.


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  1. Here in UK (a province of EU) I just want junk-mail stopped and Royal Mail re-nationalised with the cost of an item of mail increased to whatever the cost is, NOT subsidised.

    Speaking as an ex-paper-boy, I also want houses, where there is a front yard or garden deeper than 2 metres, to be made to erect a mail box at the sidewalk, or get themselves a mail box at the highway or post-office.

    £1 for a stamp would be a good start. I aplaud new posties who ditch the junk-mail (flyers, advertising) in a skip. I am on their side. But Royal Mail (private or public) cannot survive if they only get 40p for a stamp. Actually, let me upgrade my suggestion: make it 30 bob (£1.50) for a stamp, and £2 next year.


  2. Posted by theworldaccordingtomorpheus on December 10, 2009 at 8:17 am

    You raise many issues (some I dare not comment publicly about!) but I must say I agree about the COST of the mail. I’d be perfectly happy to pay an amount commensurate with the actual cost of delivering my mail, if I knew it had a 99% chance of GETTING there.

    An associated issue – if only the Chinese would make THEIR stuff better. I mean, again I would be prepared to pay 50% more than the mega-cheap prices for their stuff, if it would LAST for more than five minutes!

    Of course, it’s a TRAP. If a Chinese company charged 50% more than their Chinese competitors – even if it was good, they wouldn’t SELL anything! People EXPECT Chinese stuff to fall apart. The country something is made in becomes its quality indicator.

    If it’s German or Swiss – it’s quality. If it’s British… don’t get me started!

    And it’s VERY hard to turn these perceptions around. In the Sixties, “made in Japan” meant cheap knock-off. It took over ten years before people realised their latest electronics were SUPERIOR to the West’s.

    Plus only NOW can you buy a Skoda without getting laughed at. But, under the aegis of Volkswagen, they have been making quality cars ever since The Wall came down.

    “Made in China” may well go the same way as “made in Japan” – but probably not in our life-times!

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