Morpheus on… Trance: The Pop Music Of The ’90s – The Naustalgia Of The ’10s

Pop music has always gone in cycles. Someone comes up with a New Sound – others jump onto the band-waggon – the new sound evolves – peaks – then goes into decline, with re-hashes. The process takes about ten years. It started in 1920 and ended in 1990.

Well – not quite. When the CD killed Pop (Pop was always SINGLE-based) a void was left. And it was filled by TRANCE.

Trance had started as “Ambient” – or “Chill-out” – music, in the early Nineties, for ravers and clubbers to “come down” to. But by the late Nineties, it had become ramped up into a musical dance form itself.

Pop and Dance had been going, side-by-side, from the beginning. Essentially, Pop was music for listening to – but it had a strong enough beat to dance to – while Dance was music for dancing to – but you could also listen to it. The main criterion was whether or not it had LYRICS. Which Trance mostly DID have – as opposed to its Dance-only brother – House.

And whilst Trance started as a specialist genre, commercial interests soon picked it up and stuck it on compilation CDs, for the mass-market. But that was over a decade ago. Like all Pop cycles, it had a limited life-span, going into re-hashes (chill-out mixes of the Anthems) and then petering out.

But SOON, it will enter the LAST phase ALL Pop goes through – the Naustalgia phase. You see, Pop is part of the culture of the YOUNG – these days, the 12-25-year-olds – but eventually the young grow UP and get married, have kids and settle down.

Then one day, they suddenly realise they are in their thirties and are no LONGER young. Thus they begin to yearn for the days – FIFTEEN YEARS AGO – when they WERE young. And the record companies KNOW that – it is one of the RULES – so they continually dust off EVERYTHING they own that is fifteen years old and RE-ISSUE it.

So given that the early Trance is about to hit that fifteen year mark – watch out for “The Greatest Trance Anthems Of All Time” – volumes 1,2,3,4, – until they RUN OUT of material. It’ll happen, trust me.

Or if you cannot wait – check out MY YouTube Trance channel. It is Number Five on my bogroll. Or just click on – – for a sample. And do not forget to select HQ and fullscreen (the icon to the right of HQ – at the bottom left of the little screen) for the FULL experience. Enjoy!

Oh, and for more on this subject from my evil twin, hit:


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