Morpheus on… Eternal Life: Another Wrinkle

For the last decade or so, this writer has penned many pieces (some of them in THESE columns) on the prospect that we might be the FIRST generation for whom the holy grail of eternal life could move from the arena of myth and superstition into the realm of scientific ACTUALITY.

For years, he has theorised, mused and mithered on the political, practical, philosophical, sociological, economical, ecological – even PSYCHOlogical ramifications of the issue.

But of late, another aspect of the subject has impinged upon his conciousness. A JUSTIFICATION for having to endure yet MORE years of living in a World which, thanks to ever more rules, regulations, restrictions and repressions, is becoming increasingly untenable.

And he believes he has found one. Indeed, it is the very CAUSE of our having to consider this problem in the first place – TECHNOLOGY.

The thing is, while over the last three decades, the West has turned the quality of people’s lives into SH*T, technology has been beavering away, trying to develop ways to make our lives EASIER and more INTERESTING.

F’rinstance, a computer with the capabilities of the one which Your Humble Scribe is currently typing these ramblings on, would have cost a FORTUNE thirty years ago – and size-wise, it would have occupied most of this room. While SIXTY years ago, he would not have been permitted to OWN such a device – and if he had, it would have filled a CATHEDRAL.

Such are the benefits of technology. And if we are spared, things can only get better. Who can IMAGINE the toys that will be available in the future? Not sci-fi writers, for sure – they cannot see past the variables. Who could have foreseen integrated circuits, syldenafil citrate or Dolby ProLogic II, before they were announced?

Thus, while the WORLD is going to hell in a handcart, its technology reaches for the stars. And when they finally wheel THIS scribbler out for the last time, he will have seen all he ever WILL of those technological wonders.

Which is a PAIN. Kinda like pegging out half-way through an Agatha Christie book – one would at least like to take a peek at the last page…


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