Morpheus on… Solstices

I believe it is time to RECLAIM the Solstices – in particular, the Winter one.

As a now-thankfully-ex-resident of the UK, I got so BORED hearing Politically Correct bozos say “Happy Holidays” at CHRISTMAS. Of course, they had got it from America. Both of these CHRISTIAN countries like to consider themselves “multi-cultural” – so now seek to avoid “causing offence” to those who are NOT.

Well, as an ATHEIST – and proud of it – I can assure you “Happy Christmas” never offended ME. I knew that three-quarters of Blighty’s population had outgrown religion and that the greeting was merely a token of friendship.

But if Christmas HAS to go, why not substitute “Happy Solstice”? Given they are six months apart, it hardly seems necessary to specify which ONE.

I mean, Christmas is a crock anyway. Even if you BELIEVE in God, it is a fact that Jesus was born around March, several years after Year One. The early Christians merely HIJACKED December the 25th, to try to wean people off what they saw as a “pagan” ceremony.

Well now, I say it is time to get it BACK. As Christmas, December the 25th is a Day Of Good Cheer. People exchange gifts, eat lots of food, drink lots of booze and are generally NICE to each other.

What is wrong with THAT? Christ (just an expression, okay?) I wish it could be Christmas EVERY DAY (apart from the presents – my budget would not stretch to THAT).

M’point is – what you have here is a ready-made period of celebration. The TRUE Christmas Spirit has nothing to DO with Christianity. It is a HUMAN event – tied to a natural one – the Winter Solstice.

So why not simply RE-NAME it thus?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by littlealfie on June 29, 2010 at 2:42 am

    Hear, hear!

    And, perhaps, we could incorporate a ritual burning of ANYONE heard uttering the awful, ultra -PC term “Winterval”!!

    If Health & Safety permit it, of course!

    But wait….. we’ll need fuel for the ritual!

    Anyone know if Health & Safety Managers burn well? All the ones I’ve met have been un-utterably WET!


  2. This is indeed what humankind, citizens of Earth, mindkind, and good guys and gals, ought to do. Sadly, only us insightful elite of cosmic civilisation will see it. All the bozos, posturing politicians, media morons, and sports fans, will not understand.

    I would make the Autumn Equinox a celebration of the Space Age (Sputnik 1 launch on 4 October was near enough) and I would make the Spring Equinox a celebration of Wise Ones of Earth (Yehoshua was, as you say, born around that date, and we can tag on Newton, Darwin, Robert Hutchins Goddard, Douglas Neil Adams, and so on).

    Winter and Summer Solstices would vary as per hemisphere, Northern or Southern. Seems to me they could together comprise a twice-yearly celebration of Life (the universe and everything).

  3. Posted by littlealfie on July 2, 2010 at 4:50 am

    Much as I love ’em for being one of the English speaking peoples (as opposed to being Europeans) the “2 solstice” holiday system WOULD stop the bloody Australians harping on about having Christmas Dinner on the beach every year!


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