Morpheus on… Nick Clegg’s Choice – A Rebuttal

Yesterday, my evil twin Damien posted a piece CONDEMNING Cleggy for taking Cameron’s offer of a Coalition – with a referendum on the Alternative Vote system – claiming he only did so to secure the position of Deputy P.M.

And that since part of the deal was that the Tories would be free to campaign AGAINST it – as Labour surely would – he had NO chance of WINNING the referendum.

As a result of which, Cleggy might well find his one-year career as Deputy P.M. was OVER.

Damien said Cleggy should have gone with the Bill-By-Bill option, thus holding sway over the Tories – and being a pain in the arse of Cameron.

The full piece can be found at

But he did NOT think his argument THROUGH.

If Cleggy HAD gone for the independent, Bill-By-Bill option – forcing Cameron to take power with a MINORITY (it seems unlikely, given the numbers, that LABOUR would have attempted to carry on – even with a new leader) then he, Cameron, would STILL have been able to screw Cleggy.

All he would have had to do (and would surely have DONE) was put through a couple of harmless bills that Cleggy could hardly argue with – plus a couple he would definitely have voted AGAINST – then, when they failed, go BACK to the country, begging the electorate to give him the MANDATE to do his JOB.

And provided the bills he had got through – and the ones that had failed – were not too unpopular, he would likely have GOT that mandate. And Cleggy would have remained where he started – with NO power.

Furthermore, while in opposition, Cleggy could NEVER have got a bill for a referendum on the Alternative Vote system passed, since BOTH Cameron and Miliband (?) would have unified for once – to keep their corrupt two-party system intact.

Thus the ONLY chance Cleggy had, and has, was and is, the deal Cameron offered him – that bloody referendum which he will LOSE (Damien at least got THAT right).

After all – you never know – perhaps the British electorate WILL vote to overturn the corrupt two-party system they have had for almost NINETY YEARS and introduce the Alternative Vote system.

And perhaps Nick Griffin will collect the Humanitarian Award for 2012.


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