Morpheus on… Crime

Specifically, regarding those small jewellers who have secure entrances – you know, with an intercom and entry button under the counter. How does THAT work?

I mean, if the bell rings and the shop assistant looks over at the door and sees three guys with striped jerseys, stocking-masks and sawn-off Purdeys standing there – they probably won’t buzz them in.

But supposing it’s a normal-looking guy in a suit? Buzz him in – and then he pulls out a Glock.

Or what if it’s a well-to-do-looking woman – and as soon as you buzz the door, three evil-looking blokes join her?

On the other hand, what if a black guy with tats and a reversed baseball cap is standing there? No? But he may just be a successful rapper who is looking for a gift for his bitch – I mean girlfriend.

How are you supposed to KNOW whether a customer is kosher?

Let’s face it – having cased a joint, any potential stick-up artist is going to make SURE they look kosher.

So what IS the point of the entry-phone? Anyone?


One response to this post.

  1. Maybe it is some legal / lawyer / insurance type of ass-cover? Otherwise, point taken, it sure beats me. In any case, I am SO glad that (1) jewellry does not interest me at all, and (2) I do not know any fences (aside from the farmers’ ones I encountered on my YHA days). Life can be so simple if we set our sights low: deaf nelly NO jewel snatching for me!

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