Morpheus on… The War On Terror

…is, like The War On Drugs – entirely BOGUS. To find out why, we must examine its origin.

After WW2, America SHOULD have heavily reduced its military. But it LIKED being a Superpower, so decided instead to find an Evil Empire – to justify the expenditure on same to its citizens and the rest of the World.

And former ally Russia conveniently obliged, when it tried to get Japan to surrender – with terms – to THEM, instead of America. This pissed off  The States no end, them having just fought said Japanese tooth and nail right across the Pacific – at great cost in men and hardware.

So for decades, the U.S. and the Soviets vied for supremacy in terms of the numbers of their bombs, tanks, aircraft and military technology. The problem for Russia was they had a political system that failed to reward individual effort.

Thus their technology steadily slipped back, while their expenditure climbed, to compensate. Therefore, when America announced its utterly absurd SDI (“Star Wars”) programme, the Soviets, who were blowing half their GNP on “defence” – as opposed to The States’ 25% – finally put their hands up and said, “We don’t want to PLAY anymore.”

Which left Uncle Sam with a PROBLEM. He needed that Evil Empire. Who could he nominate? China? No fear! She was big, nuclear – and was making megatons of cheap, plastic crap for America’s consumers. Africa? – don’t be silly.

No, The States decided the ARAB NATION would be ideal. It had most of the OIL they desperately needed – and ISRAEL. Given that half of Hollywood and Washington was Jewish – not to mention America was heavily Christian and Israel contained a large slice of The Holy Land – it was an easy sell.

Therefore, a War Against The Arabs would enable them to get a lock on the whole Middle East area. And since the primitive tribes therein were fragmented and disorganised, they would not be THAT hard to control – surely?

The 11th of September, 2001.

After “9/11” they realised they had SERIOUSLY underestimated the religious fanaticism that permeates the whole area. Furthermore, they discovered even THEIR military might was insufficient to calm the sh*tstorm they had stirred.

And so their spin-doctors came up with The War Against Terror. However, they soon discovered that the acronym – TWAT – was a rude word in Britain. So they quickly changed it to The War ON Terror.

The thinking was that while no-one would follow them into battle against The Arab Nation – if they called it a war against ALL TERRORISM, they could convince the rest of the World to JOIN them.

Britain – in the form of nice-but-naïve Tony Blair – fell for it. And until the Madrid Train Bombings occurred – so did Spain. Australia lent their support – but when THEY narrowly missed getting hit, they too cooled. Meanwhile, most other countries had more sense.

Which leaves us where we are today. Those countries which HAVE upset the Middle East find themselves with THREE OPTIONS…

One – do as America has done: introduce a “security” system that is an utter NIGHTMARE. Their paranoia has made World air travel intolerable. And it is a NONSENSE – you CANNOT have 100% security.

Imagine having to go through the sort of crap you have to endure before strapping on a plane these days – every time you entered ANY building or vehicle. Buses, boats, shops, clubs, pubs, cinemas, theatres – even churches and schools.

And even then, you are not safe. What about parks, plazas – ANY place where more than a dozen people gather? Plus, once inside – what about bullets and bombs? Following the LOGIC of security, every building would need to be turned into a FORTRESS. So…

How about option two? Neutralise the killers. Except you have MILLIONS of “suspects” – most of whom are benign – but will BECOME radical, if you start locking them up in places like Gitmo. And if you introduce a Shoot To Kill policy – then you are no better than the terrorists.

Which brings us around to option three. Americans like to BLAST their way out of trouble – but even the DUMBEST Yank has realised by now that that rational simply does not WORK.

So America, swallow your pride and TALK to the terrorists. Ask them what they WANT.

Granted most of their demands will be unacceptable – but at least you are now TALKING. Given time and sensible negotiation, compromises can be reached and ultimately, you will eradicate the REASONS for terrorism.

Of course, there will always be MAJOR arseholes who want everybody to live in ways that are totally unacceptable to any reasonable, thinking person. Those people you CANNOT reason with. But most of THEIR power comes from subverting the hearts and minds of MAINSTREAM people.

However, mainstream folk do not NEED the aggravation of living in constant FEAR – they just want to get on with their LIVES.

So by COMMUNICATING with those mainstream people – AND showing them some respect and tolerance – you will eventually DISEMPOWER the radical elements.

Then, once they are marginalised and isolated – you can DEAL with them. It’s THAT SIMPLE!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by littlealfie on August 24, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    I love to annoy Americans whenever possible by:

    1. Pointing out that by today’s definitions George Washington and Co. were terrorists (or “tourists” as GW Bush Jr thinks it’s pronounced)!

    2. The country which raised most money and offered even more support than Libya to the IRA (which surely MUST count as a terrorist organisation) was……..!

    I’ve never yet had to finish that sentence they’ve usually left in a huff (or a taxi!) by then.


  2. At the inception of its research & development program, the Strategic Defense Initiative seemed, to uninformed politicians, to be as impossible as they had deemed the Apollo Moon Program to be, in 1962. Apollo was allowed to achieve half its goal. SDI hardly got started, but lasted long enough, I read once, to spin off excellent new Laser generation and control technology including medical applications.

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