Morpheus on… The Difference Between The English And The French

A few weeks ago, the new British government (in the twin-forms of Pinky And Perky) AND the French government (in the diminutive form of Nicolas Sarkozy) decided to start chiseling its pensioners.

In the case of Britain, they announced they intended to raise the state retirement age from 65 to 66.

In France, from 60 to 62.

Leaving aside the fact that the French are allowed to retire five years EARLIER than the British, this means that instead of LOWERING the age – thereby reducing unemployment and giving school-leavers a chance – both are trying to RAISE it, to save MONEY.

But the REACTION to this THEFT (British people pay TAX to fund state pensions – and one assumes the French do too) has been noticeably DIFFERENT.

In France, the MOMENT the announcement was made, the population took to the STREETS.

Yet when the British government made ITS declaration, a short while earlier – NOTHING.

Not a PEEP from the British proles. Are they now SO beaten down, they cannot even raise their voices in protest, when their government announces it intends to RIP THEM OFF for about FIVE GRAND?


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