Morpheus on… Dorothy Provine

As a kid in Sixties Britain, the only exposure I had to Ms Provine was “Don’t Bring Lulu” – played INCESSANTLY on “Uncle Mac” (a BBC radio show for kids) and her performance in “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” – in which she played a surly, brittle housewife.

But when I put “Don’t Bring Lulu” onto one of my YouTube channels, I had a revelation. In “…Mad World” her vivacity only surfaces for a brief moment, when her brother passes a truck she is riding in and she leaps up and points at him, excitedly (totally out of her character).

However, “Don’t Bring Lulu” (the words to which BAFFLED eight-year-old me) turns out to have been far more typical of the Dorothy Provine AMERICA knew. It is a song that goes back to the Twenties (hence the strange lyrics) and was featured in a TV show called “The Roaring Twenties” which starred her.

And so far, “Don’t Bring Lulu” has had over 4,000 hits!

But on YouTube, it is linked to a SLEW of other material from the show. And watching it, I now GET IT. Dorothy Provine was a highly talented and utterly GORGEOUS woman! No WONDER America loved her. I am now SAD that this lovely creature was DENIED me, by British TV. BASTARDS!

“Don’t Bring Lulu” can be found on


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  1. Posted by Alfie on January 26, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    Great link, thank you.

    Put it in the 1920s show concept and the song is fine BUT I never could see why this and other songs like it got played quite so much on “Childrens Favourites” (Uncle Mac was the presenter) – the BBCs only request show for kids!

    I can only guess that parents and grandparents trying mainly for a mention of Little Johnny’s Birthday felt compelled to pick something that they remembered from THEIR childhood – not something the kid would necessarily know or like.

    And it didn’t change much when they pensioned off Uncle Mac, renamed it Junior Choice and put Ed Stewart in charge – “Sparky’s Magic Piano” went on for many years after any kid was remotely interested in hearing it!

    Still, I recall you DID get to hear quite a bit of Bob Newhart on it so it wasn’t all bad!


  2. Posted by Vincent on January 27, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    Ugh! “Sparky’s Magic Piano” – I have THAT record TOO – but I’m glad to say it’s BROKEN!

    The trouble with Bob Newhart was they only played “The Driving Instructor” and “The Introduction Of Tobacco Into Civilization”. Thus when Bob did gigs in England, he would complain he could see the audiences’ LIPS moving along WITH him!

    Later, I plan on uploading “Defusing A Bomb”, “Ledge Psychology” and other GREAT Newhart pieces the British public DON’T know the words to!

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