Morpheus on… Censorship On Public Sites

…like YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion (sounds like constipation medicine) Internet Movie Database and – THIS illustrious service.

They all have two things in common – one: they are businesses that get their “stock” from the public (for FREE) and two: the AMOUNT of stock they receive exceeds by FAR – their ability to monitor it.

Which gives them a problem. YouTube do not want their service filled with PORN. IMDb do not want “user reviews” containing defamatory remarks about litigious celebrities. And WordPress do not want articles filled with racial hatred, paedophiles’ exploits – and bomb-making instructions.

But even an aircraft-hanger filled with “checkers” would be unable to read and/or watch all of the material uploaded, in real time – never mind what it would COST.

Thus all of these companies rely on their consumers to FLAG “inappropriate material” – then one of their little band of people scans the piece and has about two seconds to decide whether or not to PULL it – all of which results in some BIZARRE take-downs.

And only if the uploader COMPLAINS, does someone take a closer look, to evaluate context, etc.

Therefore, if YOU feel you have been hard-done-by, for goodness sake DO complain. With freedom comes responsibility – but provided you BEHAVED responsibly, any piece you uploaded that got pulled was PROBABLY flagged by a MORON – and the person who pulled it had NO time to examine it properly.

So be responsible – but stand up for your RIGHTS.


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