Morpheus on… “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

I recall an incident, many years ago, when I was working as a service engineer and got a call from a British Army base. They had a low-level alert on – but as they knew me, they allowed me entry, with an escort.

The escort proved to be a little squaddie who looked about nineteen.

As we walked about the camp, we naturally enough talked. But after a few minutes, unbidden by ME – the subject turned to what this little prat would like to do to all GAYS he could encounter. It involved knives and BLOOD.

I murmured non-committal agreement.

It occurred to me it has been proven that most rabidly homophobic men are in fact GAY, but – due to peer pressure, religious beliefs, upbringing or whatever – are unable to come to terms with their sexual orientation and thus “over-compensate” by displaying MAJOR anti-gay tendencies.

However, given this little turd was ARMED, I decided it would be wise to keep this information to myself.

It also occurred to me that if Martial Law were ever declared, any street HE was patrolling had better not be occupied by any citizens who MINCED.

But the experience showed me how delicate the situation with sexual orientation in the military is.

And a lot has recently been made of the American “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ruling.

Now, as a left-of-centre, liberal, straight man (or as near as dammit – see this writer is FINE with gays serving in the military.

If a person wants to protect their homeland – or just get a chance to shoot some wogs for Queen and country – no problem.

But why should they have to declare their sexuality?

I mean, they are there to strut around and obey orders like little robots – not PARTY.

According to Wiki, the law was originally brought in to allow gays to serve in the military, provided they did not openly ADMIT to being gay – since faggots were officially BARRED from the American services.

This is understandable, since only a fool would want to join up (they have recently banned SMOKING in the US military – apparently, second-hand smoke is DANGEROUS – more so than bullets).

And therefore, in the interests of keeping up the NUMBERS in The Most Powerful Force In The World – they are now looking to lower their standards.

For more information on this serious subject, hit


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