Morpheus on… Film Scores

“And on the eighth day, God created a score for what He had done…”     Levitation, 6:9.

What do “The Third Man”, “Genevieve” and “The Conversation” have in common?

Well – aside from being classic movies – they all had a score created and played by one man, on one instrument.

In the same chronological order: Anton Karas on the zither, Larry Adler on the harmonica and David Shire on the piano.

Now I love great film scores as much as the next man – probably MORE so – and am enamoured of the greats: Barry, Goldsmith, Morricone et al.

But you have to take your hat off to the brave producers of these three MAJOR movies, where the phenomenon was NOT forced upon them by budgetary constraints.

They simply saw the possibilities offered by such elegant simplicity.

Can YOU imagine ANY of those three films with FULL ORCHESTRAL SCORES?

I thought not.

Footnote: it is amazing what you can get away with, when you offer quotes from The Bible. Even most devout Christians have never read it – save perhaps for the first few verses of Genesis and a few of the New Testament stories. Levitation? Really?! (It was a mash-up of Leviticus and Revelation – I will leave YOU to guess the significance of the chapter and verse numbers).


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