Morpheus on… I Dreamed A Dream

By the Seventies, I had built up a record collection that weighed over a quarter of a ton (or tonne – they are much the same).

Today, thanks to (in chronological order) tape-recorders, VCRs and DVRs, I have increased that collection to more than HALF a ton (or tonne). It now includes audio- and video-tapes – and likewise disks.

But returning to the Seventies: in those days, I predicted that by 2000, there would be a giant computer which would have EVERY record EVER RECORDED on it – which, for a few pennies, would be accessible by all.

Well – I SORTA got that one right. Except the OLD records are on YouTube (apart from ones blocked by short-sighted record companies) for FREE – and the NEW ones are on iTunes.

However, last night I had a DREAM which I predict will – in time – ALSO come true.

At the moment, chips are still based on silicone – but around the corner are GRAPHENE chips. These are based on GRAPHITE – the stuff found in the middle of PENCILS (you remember those?)

And it is estimated that about two generations – perhaps three – in, those chips will finally hit ATOMIC level. We will be unable to go further.

But when we DO hit that level, it SHOULD be possible to store VAST amounts of audio on just a small bank of these chips.

So here is my prediction. I believe that once the copyright wrinkles have been ironed out – these chip-banks containing most of the music EVER RECORDED, in the Century Of Entertainment (see elsewhere in these ramblings) will be put into EVERY electronic audio-visual device made.

“AllMusic” modules (and if they call ’em that, I want royalties) will be part of all DVRs, televisions, music centres, amplifiers (no need for audio playing devices) car radios, portable radios – and of course, iPhones, iPads and whatever other toys they come up with.

You will simply select genres, artists and/or titles on the screen (or remote) and be able to listen to just about ANYTHING. It will all be right there, IN the device.

We have come a long way. In the Seventies, even THIS visionary could not imagine a device the size of a domino containing his quarter-ton (or tonne) of records!


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