Morpheus on… Sunday Sunshine

I recall a time when a certain British Sunday newspaper had a slow week and thus ran with a story about a married vicar who had had an affair with a parishioner.

It was not really a big deal. No choirboys were involved. The woman was an adult. It happened.

But the newspaper figured the piece would provide SOME entertainment for the plebs, as they waited for their Sunday lunches to appear.

On the Monday morning, the vicar was found hanging in the vestry.

The thing was, while the story was one the readers would have forgotten before they reached the Sports section – to the vicar, his LIFE just got SMASHED.

Here is a link – unrelated to the above story…


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  1. Yes, it rings a bell. “Thou shalt not commit adultery” is one of the common sense rules that Moshe, the ex-prince who took up leading people through the sands, and chipping stone, brought down from the big pointy thing. At the Co-op in Plymouth, 1960s, one of the furniture sales assistants told me a funny story about a chap who said something like “When I was a child, I learned childish ways. When I grew up, I learned adultery.” It was fully 20 years later that I met him on the street and, within seconds, he hit me with the same gag. As before, he guffawed loudly at his own joke. I have always wondered whether he ever told it to the customers. Sad about the vicar. Clearly, the newspaper story was the last straw.

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