Morpheus on… Chuck Lorre/Levine/LeVine

This piece resides under one of my more esoteric titles – but all should become clear, should you care to READ it…

Last night I was watching the episode of “The Big Bang Theory”, where Raj and Sheldon get into a pissing contest over their office.

Sheldon was persuaded to allow Raj to move into his office if he bought his own desk. So Raj moved an antique desk the size of a small ocean liner into the office. Sheldon responded by unleashing a concoction of foul-smelling chemicals into said office – hydrogen sulphide (rotten eggs/fart gas) and ammonia (urine’s main aroma).

He came out of the room wearing a gas mask – but then Raj came out with no mask and said, “Dude, I grew up in CALCUTTA. Cows walk the streets – and until we moved to America, I didn’t know what a solid bowel-movement WAS!”

It occurred to me what great writing that was.

Chuck Lorre’s real surname is Levene. He makes no secret of it. One imagines he chose Lorre out of admiration for Peter Lorre – and shunned his inherited name to avoid the cliché of being yet another Jewish-American comedy writer. But I don’t know – you’d have to ask Chuck.

But right after watching “Big Bang”, I watched “Mental”. This is (arguably) a clone of “House” and was made by Fox TV (the “nice” Fox) in of all places, Colombia (as is evidenced by the dodgy sound and spartan design). However, it’s not bad – and they only made 13 episodes.

Anyhoo – the show was created and exec produced by Dan Levine and Deborah Joy LeVine.

And this has caused much confusion. One can only assume that Ms D.J. LeVine changed HER name, simply by putting the “V” in upper case – cleverly making it sound FRENCH, instead of Jewish. However, as far as I can discover, her collaborator (brother? husband? neither IMDb nor Wiki know) stayed with Levine.

But on one occasion, the compiler of the graphics for the show’s end credits put him down as LeVine on ONE credit and Levine on the other – and all other credits.

Meanwhile, on IMDb, he is listed as Levine – yet Wiki has him as LeVine.

What a MESS!

The problem is, Debbie has a more extensive CV (maybe she should wear a skirt) so Dan is currently in the position of someone who marries UP. Like if Lady Gaga got married and her husband wasn’t famous – people would call him LORD Gaga.

The last time I spoke of ethnic names, a troll called me a RACIST. However, trolls lack intellect – and even a frickin’ GENIUS would have trouble wading through the complexity of THIS piece. Oh yeah? What was racist – and WHY?! Good LUCK.

Anyhay – for more on Chuck Lorre, you might want to hit…


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  1. I see the titles of numerous TV sit-coms and drama series in the electronic program guide, all the way from Friends, to the ones you mention above, and, after a brief dabble, I click away. I have no patience with them. I watched a few House episodes, because his nibs was in it, Hugh Laurie, that’s his name, but I became impatient and quit. Even new SF bugs me. I must be a classic specimen of becoming fixed early on in life. If I did not like it before I was 30, it irritates me. Yet with movies it is different. Why? I must leave it to my subconscious mind to mull that question over.

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