Morpheus on… Drug-Crazed Hippies

As a child of the Sixties, I would have LOVED for the concept of Total Freedom to have WORKED. But sadly, it never COULD have. The reason? Economics.

My generation claimed “Property Is Theft” – but even THAT was an oxymoron. The truth (something my guys at least TRIED to find) was that the Californian Hippie culture, with its “Free Shops” (where barter ruled) was based on a LIE.

While heads could certainly live CHEAPLY, even they needed SOME money – and they got it as handouts from rich, middle-class residents who liked to think they were a PART of the “counter-culture”.

Thus, they were SUPPORTING the culture. Without their financial input, it would have died before it started.

But when Charles Manson and his “followers” wreaked their havoc on that fateful night – slaughtering among others the lovely Sharon Tate, pregnant wife of Roman Polanski – the party was abruptly OVER.

Despite the fact that neither the psychotic career-criminal Manson nor his people were in any true sense Hippies, they was automatically labeled as such, since they had adopted the hairstyle, garb and lifestyle of that time.

Which is ironic, given another popular saying of the era, “Never Trust Anyone Over Thirty”. At the time of his greatest crime – Manson was thirty-four.


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  1. This summary helpfully and perfectly clears up for me my confused feelings at the time, in regard to these people. I could see seductive and repulsive aspects at the same time. Thanks for this excellent and definitive piece!

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