Morpheus on… “Lie To Me: Saved” (S3, ep11)

The series was reaching its end when this offering was made (although the writers and/or cast may not have KNOWN that).

As usual, our twitchy hero acts everyone off the screen – but is let down by a MAJOR faux pas from the writers.

The plot is a twist on the Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy which beggers belief, but is at least an ORIGINAL IDEA – which you will NOT see coming, I promise you.

However, the writers failed to do their RESEARCH. The devices that the emergency services have, which trigger traffic signals to go green in front of them, only override max times and computer instructions.

They DO NOT and CAN NOT override signals’ basic safety protocols.

If, as shown in this episode, they caused green conflicts (greens in both directions) or even instant changes (no ambers or intergreen times) the EMERGENCY vehicles would leave a series of COLLISIONS in their wakes.

(As you may have gathered, in an earlier life I was a traffic systems engineer).

However, that said, this episode is possibly the most exciting and UNUSUAL of the series. So if it comes your way, WATCH it – but don’t get worried the next time you are driving.

If someone T-bones you at a signal-controlled crossing – they will merely be DRUNK.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I am drawing close to the time when I will have paid off enough of my overdraft and credit card to feel it is OK to go on Sky website and restart my package. Then I will be able to see Eureka (with Wil Wheaton) and the above described series. At present I cannot even watch Fox News.

  2. Posted by Vincent on August 31, 2011 at 10:09 am

    Well at least there’s an upside to your financial condition!

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