Morpheus on… Frilly Knickers

T’other day I came across (make that HAPPENED across) a clip of Betty (a.k.a. Bettie) Page in “Teaserama” – on YouTube. And some kid had written a comment asking why she was wearing an “adult diaper” (nappy).

Now, I had the answer – but it would have taken me more than the space allotted by YouTube to write it. And anyway, Morphy was due a new piece, so I’m posting it here instead…

“Teaserama” was a 1955 film, which featured American Burlesque queens strutting their stuff. And it included the legend that is – or rather was (she passed away three years ago, aged 85) – Ms Page.

And in that film, Ms Page wears FRILLY KNICKERS.

The thing about frilly knix is the frills are supposed to act as heat-sinks (like the fins on a motorbike engine) – which is why tennis players wear them. They are supposed to keep you cool.

Whether this is true or not, I have no idea – having never worn them (and if I had, I wouldn’t tell YOU). But while they may keep the wearer cool – they make them LOOK HOT!

Case in point was Britain’s last Wimbledon singles winner – Ms Virginia Wade, in 1977 (we haven’t had a Men’s winner since Fred Perry, in the Thirties).

Although frilly knix were really a Fifties thing – Ms Wade wore them throughout her Wimbledon career. And many non-tennis fans tuned in just to watch her serve from the end where the cameras were located!

And while this writer is now well-stricken in years, they are really before even HIS time. Nevertheless, he must confess to his heart-rate going up just a BIT when Ginny walked out onto the Centre Court.

So, young people, if you see footage of Betty (Bettie) Page – or some of the many thousands of stills taken of her by Bunny Yeager (who, at 81, still lives) – remember: NO, she was NOT incontinent.

She was wearing FRILLY KNICKERS – ’cause they were HOT – and dammit, they STILL ARE!


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  1. I am so glad I finally got THAT straight. Personally, I share the grumble of Jeremy Paxman that it is difficult to find a place from which to buy men’s underpants that stay functionally efficient after being worn for about an hour. The Marks & Spencer’s ones in the olden days had stronger elastic. (“Life With The Lyons” on the BBC Light Programme squeezed a whole bunch of jokes from that issue).

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