Morpheus on… How To Achieve World Peace

During the last forty years, Political Correctness has at least partially succeeded in eradicating racism, sexism, other isms – even smoking. So why can’t it be used to achieve World Peace?

Look, if a man starts up a bicycle factory, his company will have a useful end product, right? A simple machine which enables a person to sit down to walk.

But what is the end product of The Military? Death, destruction and young, addled brains, that’s what. And that’s ALL. They produce NOTHING of USE.

Gullible youths are CONNED into fighting old men’s wars for them by talk of Service To Country. However, most conflicts merely serve The Rich, in one way or another. It’s a gigantic, sick CON.

The Military is an IMMORAL organization. It sucks up US$1.6 TRILLION (Short Scale – billion, Long Scale) a YEAR. That’s $1,600,000,000,000. Think what all of that loot could do for the Third World – all the Live Aid projects combined only raised $150 million.

And that does not take into account the OTHER costs of The War. Rebuilding the infrastructure (all those bombed buildings, bridges, etc.) and the economies of the countries involved – both winners and losers – and the minds of those gullible youths when they return (sometimes) from the conflicts.

So why not make them POLITICALLY INCORRECT? The Military, The War – the whole thing. It’s all an attitude of mind.

Once The Peoples of the World lose the idea that The Dead are Glorious – and realize they’re just DEAD – and that only when The Enemy are actually goose-stepping down THEIR STREET, do they need to act…

As John Lennon said, War Is Over – If You Want It. Remember Christmas, World War One? The combatants climbed out of their trenches and started playing football. Peace nearly broke out THEN.

The Dirty Old Men who were running the conflict nearly SHAT themselves. And it can be done again. Just don’t JOIN The Military. Or, if you’ve already succumbed to The Con – don’t FIGHT.

Become a conscientious objector. Most countries won’t shoot you for it, these days. They rely on only a handful of squaddies seeing sense – and the other squaddies bullying them back into line. But if ALL the squaddies downed tools…

It’s as simple as that. The Warmongers rely on their propaganda to Con the proles into fighting their Wars for them – in fact, it can truly be said that the first action any Warring government has to win is the propaganda battle against its own people.

So don’t BUY it. Until The Enemy is at the gate, tell them to go f*** themselves. World Peace is in YOUR hands. You, The People, outnumber the Warmongers by millions to one. That’s your power – USE it.

World Peace is a doddle. It only needs The People to decide The Military and The War are Politically Incorrect – and refuse to play their bloody (literally) games.

You’re welcome.


2 responses to this post.

  1. You are correct. I would like to put it that: the people DO HAVE external enemies and they are largely religious. But mostly, the enemies are internal and consist of financial criminals and corrupt politicians. Furthermore, as is often acknowledged, the internal enemies are often chummy with the external enemies. I like your 100% civil defense approach. I suppose that is what the Swiss do. I am not claiming the Swiss are 100% good guys, or course.

  2. Posted by Vincent on November 3, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    I refer m’learned friend to Orson Welles’ “cuckoo-clock speech” in “The Third Man”!

    (For those NOT learned – hit )

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