Morpheus on… Oriental Pixelization

The entertainment industry often refers to the technique as “mosaicking” – and the public usually call it “pixelating” – but the proper term is as above.

It refers to the practise of digitally obscuring PART of a picture, while leaving the main picture intact – and permitting the viewer to understand what is going on.

The technique involves breaking the affected part of the picture into blocks – then averaging the colour and brightness of the blocks – and reproducing that colour and brightness over the entire block.

It has only been possible since the advent of digital technology – before that, clumsy optical effects had been used.

The problem in the Orient, is that the technology is ABUSED.

In Japan, LEGAL porn uses it to obscure genitals. Laughable and utterly pointless. TASTEFUL porn?

And here in Thailand, it is used to obscure guns near heads, people smoking cigarettes – and nudity.

The problem is that the law which requires it – has not been thought THROUGH.

The thing is, the pixelization only occurs during the time-period where it becomes legally required – the lead-up and follow-through do not feature it.

Thus when someone is smoking, the cigarette is only pixelized when it comes into CONTACT with the smoker’s lips. And likewise, the gun only becomes pixelized when it comes into close proximity with the head. The articles are therefore IN CLEAR, before and after the pixelization.

All of which only serves to EMPHASISE the very things the law seeks to VEIL.

Which means that instead of REDUCING a child’s interest in the offending activities, the law actually INCREASES the interest – by drawing ATTENTION to them!



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  1. Hmmm… I will know just what to do when they put me in charge… Until then, it is too complixilicated to actually dissgustify…

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