Morpheus on… “The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend”

No truer words have ever been typed.

Elsewhere in these chronicles, I retold the tale of when I (a Brit) and a young German guy encountered a Cambodian – a dodgy “taxi” driver who tried to extort a large sum of money from us, for a one-mile drive.

Now, as a Child Of The Sixties, I have nothing against German people (although were I from the previous generation, I might feel differently – the Luftwaffe bombed a lot of our chip-shops) and the German was even younger than me, so he had no reason to dislike me (although again, had he been older – the RAF broke a lot of their china – and the city where it was made) and so we two EUROPEAN strangers improvised a Mutt And Jeff Routine (I played the Nice Guy) that would have gladdened the heart of any cop – and which resulted in a sharp drop in the level of said extortion.

Which story demonstrates that when two people who have no common bond find themselves up against a mutual enemy – they can quickly become the best of chums.

And so it was, in the case of Jeremy Clarkson, Piers Morgan and Omarosa.

First, some background…

Jeremy Clarkson is not exactly HATED – but his caustic comments on Top Gear have made him some enemies. Mostly those who do not appreciate that even HE does not believe half of what he says – since he is a COMEDIAN.

But Piers Morgan definitely IS roundly hated. He first came to prominence as the editor of a couple of British gutter-press “newspapers” – where his invasive style of reporting resulted in a number of unseemly affairs. Then he became the “bad guy” on the jury of Britain’s/America’s Got Talent. And today, he has a CNN interview show where his technique alternates between gushingly obsequious, with the likes of Oprah – to abrasive, with most everyone else.

He is seen as a rude, humourless nerk. Although he showed his jocular side on the American version of Celebrity Apprentice, when a country singer called Trace Adkins intimated Piers was gay (compared to Trace, an easy mistake to make – although Piers is actually married, with children). When he heard this on the CCTV, Piers stormed into The Boardroom – and kissed him on the cheek.

Then there is Omarosa (aka Oloroso). She too was on The Apprentice and in her first appearance, showed herself to be a repugnant, pretentious crone. But despite this (or perhaps, BECAUSE of it) she was invited back – to the Celebrity Apprentice – where she was billed as a “reality star” (which is of course a contradiction in terms).

And it was there that she encountered Piers.

But here’s the thing: Piers upset Jeremy by publishing pictures of him kissing his producer (a woman – but Jeremy was married) and this resulted in Jeremy giving Piers a knuckle sandwich. Piers claims he still bears a scar above his eyebrow.

And this in turn resulted in a LOT of people who were not fans of Jeremy – suddenly reappraising him.

Then Piers appeared on the same season of Celebrity Apprentice as Oloroso. She was her usual abhorrent self and a feud quickly developed between her and Piers.

But she made the mistake of underestimating him – and he CRUSHED her.

And by so doing, became a HERO in the eyes of people who, previously, would not have stopped to wee on him had he been on fire.

Thus, these three provide comprehensive proof of the verity of the title of this piece.

Someone may be detestable, but if they defeat someone even MORE so – they become a CHAMPION!


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  1. Masterly piece my old hippie. Keep on trucking. Cy Quick

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