Morpheus on… God Versus John Winston Lennon

Remember all the fuss that resulted when John observed that the Beatles were more popular than God? The remark was intended to point out the incredible power of the media at that time, rather than have a poke at God.

Nevertheless, whilst Britain mostly ignored the comment, America FREAKED – burning albums and the like – and giving the Fab Four’s concert security MAJOR headaches.

Now of course, the Interweb didn’t exist in those days – so one can only speculate what the result would have been, had one been able to do what THIS historian just did.

He can report that if you Google the Beatles today, you get around FORTY-FOUR MILLION references – not bad for a Pop band that broke up nearly forty years ago.

However, in a similar vein, if you Google Paris Hilton you get ONE HUNDRED and fifty-six million – and Obama (hallelujah) gets one THOUSAND, one hundred and fifty million. But God gets… one thousand, EIGHT hundred and ninety million.

This information is passed along without comment.


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