Morpheus on… Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom”

I believe it was Mr Hitchcock who opined that drama was real life with the boring bits cut out – but for once, the Master Of Suspense was WRONG (or just being glib – one of the two) – it is so much more.

Example: you just got fired, after your boss described your shortcomings in graphic detail and called you an ineffectual arsehole. And on the way home, you composed a comprehensive and highly literate response, detailing why you had done what you had done, what your strengths were – and why HE was the arsehole.

But had you been a character in a DRAMA, without pausing for breath you would have said those words RIGHT THERE AND THEN. Plus you would have been far more incisive and eloquent.

However, you would ONLY have been able to DO that – because a WRITER had spent half an hour COMPOSING your speech. And that is the DIFFERENCE between drama and real life.

Which is exemplified in HBO’s new series – “The Newsroom” – which just opened here in Thailand (only six weeks behind America).

Aaron “You can’t handle the truth!” Sorkin is an old hand at this stuff – “West Wing”, “Studio 60…” and a host of writer-driven movies have landed him a raft of awards and an intermittent coke habit.

And “The Newsroom” is his latest triumph. Being a cable show, season one is only ten eps – but it has (at the MOMENT) been green-lighted for a second – so here’s hoping. 


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  1. I seem to remember, from the other day, having read, by chance, a piece by the Los Angeles Times critic (via their web site) who was disappointed with the new season (in USA). I have never seen it (here in UK). In television fiction, I watch only Star Trek and Star Gate series. Characters in Earth-based, Present-based fiction TV make me feel inferior. They tend to have jobs and be cool.

  2. Posted by Vincent on August 5, 2012 at 9:50 am

    Yes, but like I said: the reason they can SOUND that cool is all of their dialogue is painstakingly WRITTEN for them. The only way they could be that cool otherwise – would be to do MAJOR amounts of that stuff Aaron used from time to time!

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