Morpheus on… Pop Is Dead – Long Live Pop

The problem with Top 40 radio is there ain’t no Top 40 anymore! They have iTunes download charts – but that’s it.

The fact that Top Of The Pops was CANCELLED six years ago says it ALL. And the fact it was replaced by TOTP2 – a programme devoted to PAST hits.

Pop is DEAD – and it’s now OFFICIAL.

Thus Pop Radio has to follow suit – broadcast PAST gems.

Of course, the irony is that the record companies that KILLED Pop – using the CD as the murder weapon (allied to their short-sighted GREED) sold off their back-catalogues CHEAPLY.

So that nowadays, TRUE Pop (1920-90, plus Trance: 1990-2002) is virtually FREE.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: soon, iPhones, iPods, damn TOASTERS – ANYTHING that has chips and an LCD display – will contain ALL the Pop that ever was.

And this is fine. Modern groups and artists get their financial reward from their LIVE performances (impossible in the Sixties, with the amount of STUDIO PRODUCTION involved on the records).

Plus “personality” DJs run shows on the Interweb, for those who like a friendly voice sharing the music with them (like ME!)

All of this works fine – provided vintage music copyright owners LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE and do not harass those freely passing the music.

Richard Branson is the perfect example of this: he SOLD Virgin records, to give him the money he needed to defend himself from attacks by The World’s LEAST Favourite Airline – but is STILL in the business of LIVE music production, concerts and ticketing.

While the CEOs of the record companies look for alternative employment…


2 responses to this post.

  1. To pre-empt any commentators who follow Modern Popular Music (plus Genre Music: Classical, Blues, Jazz, Zydeco, whatever) – these musical forms already have their forums.

    In addition to concerts, all-nighters, week-enders, clubs and so on – this music is also virtually free on the Interweb. So THEY’RE catered for too!

  2. Music is another thing which, in the modern West, is richly varied as a result of the freedom of science and technology. When innovation is banned, lest tradition be discovered to be a crock, you have only one tune it seems to me. Of course, the electronic music, which some folk like now, has the same monotonous quality, as it happens. That reminds me: who was that guy Johnny-One-Note? I never thought of him for about 60 years.

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