Morpheus on… A New Movie (And TV) Silly

Of late, how many times have you heard a BUZZ on a movie or TV show and watched someone walk over to a table – or reach out of bed to a bedside cabinet – and pick up a mobile phone (US: cell)?


If you are one of the seventeen people who do not possess one (I’ve seen HOMELESS PEOPLE with them) allow me to point out WHY.

Mobiles have RINGTONES. Often many – one for each of your friends. And said tones can be turned DOWN when necessary. Some models can even be programmed to ring softly during certain hours (like, from 22:00 to 07:00).

However if you are in a meeting, or at the theatre, or some other place where people’s phones going off would be frowned upon, you can set them on VIBRATE.

Then when you FEEL your mobile buzzing, you can either ignore it or surreptitiously take it out, see who’s calling and take the appropriate action (select “reject call”, text them that you are in a meeting or whatever and you will call them back whenever or excuse yourself and go outside to talk to them).

Simple. That’s what the vibrate function is FOR.

And while a vibrating mobile (which uses a LOT of power) will make SOME noise if left on a flat, hard surface – any ambient noise will cover it.

So are all of the characters who take their mobiles out and put them on a table or bedside cabinet and then forget to switch them from vibrate to ring – just STUPID??

Or is it just the DIRECTORS of the pieces they are appearing in?

In addition, the WRITERS are missing a golden opportunity here. Since these days, most mobiles allow you to record your own ringtones (and there are a gazillion websites who will SELL you one, if you’re too dumb or unimaginative to create your own) it would be INSTRUCTIVE about characters to specify in the script what that tone (and those they have selected for their friends) should be.

Then the sound editor could input the tone into the piece’s audio track.

So, not only is Hollywood making its characters look clueless – but they are missing a golden opportunity to exploit this technology artistically.

The other day, I put a piece with MY ringtone onto the Interweb. You are more than welcome to use it…


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by cyrusofsol on September 10, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    As a matter of fact, my landline has a standard British double ring, and both my cell phones have the standard North American single ring. I am glad that other folk have the Happy New Year Chorus out of Handel’s Messy Year or whatever it is called, or the Trumpet Voluntary, or Listen With Mother or whatever, because I know when it is my phone. I tried the vibrator once and it freaked me out. In the movie, I switch it OFF.

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