Morpheus on… Jimmy Savile: The Truth (?)

The following clip has appeared all over the Interweb, claiming to PROVE S’Jimmy was a perv…

But actually, it does no such thing. The girls in it are obviously above the age of consent and all that appears to happen is that S’Jimmy tickles a girl (which he has freely admitted to doing) or at worst, pinches her bottom.

And this happened in 1976, before PC made bottom-pinching a capital offence (or a sackable one, if it occurred at an office party). In those days, it was called “goosing” and was worth a slap across the face at best.

It has been said the girl (who seems to be enjoying the experience anyway) reported the incident at the time and was told, “Oh, that’s just Jimmy messing about” – which was fair comment.

But now a raft of seemingly GENUINE complaints have been lodged, concerning the late DJ, this clip has become common currency. Furthermore, the girl has claimed he stuck his hand up her skirt.

However, a closer look at the clip reveals that S’Jimmy would have needed arms the length of an orangutan’s to have performed THAT feat.

Thus at least ONE claim against the man appears to be BOGUS. And while the weight and consistency of the other claims suggests that many are doubtless true – THIS particular claim makes one wonder HOW many?

UPDATE (7th December, 2012)

The TOTP girl has now come forward – and in the interests of BALANCE, here is HER version of events…

The intervening thirty-six years have not been kind to her – and neither have some commenters on her story – but her testimony is compelling.

However, the Beeb has MONEY (and as it now turns out, so does the late S’Jimmy’s estate) – therefore fortune-hunters will inevitably be seeking a piece.

But that fact in turn further clouds the issue. The woman in the above clip certainly SEEMS genuine. But others?

So where does all this leave us? Well, there is NO DOUBT that S’Jimmy WAS an arrogant, predatory pervert, who molested teenage girls at every opportunity.

He manoeuvred himself into situations where he could come into contact with as many as possible – including, most ominously, handicapped ones – and took advantage of the spirit of the times.

And when his “good deeds” were uncovered, he used those to bolster his position against any backlash that might occur from his MISdeeds.

But, from those now coming forward seeking a PAYOUT, the paymasters need to make sure the funds available go to those who were GENUINELY victimised by this sleazy bastard.

And then there are the REST. Right now, Stuart Hall and Max Clifford have joined Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr, Dave Lee Travis and a producer, Wilfred De’Ath as persons of interest in “Operation Yewtree”.

Where will it all end?

Certainly I for one would like to see the guilty punished. Not young, then-famous men who threw themselves into the Seventies, living the dream with nubile, willing teens – but those who took ADVANTAGE of the then-prevailing climate, to ATTACK KIDS.

I recall how difficult it was in those days to find anyone who would BELIEVE kids who spoke out. My OWN experience is detailed HERE…

But post-PC, while things have changed for the better – like other aspects of PC, some have gone TOO FAR. And it is all too easy now for some to take advantage of THAT. A willingness to hand out compensation to anyone with a good story.

And anyone wishing to DAMAGE a person only has to HINT that they have acted inappropriately with a child and the person discovers they are guilty until proven innocent – and even then, mud sticks.

The whole issue of sex crime is filled with confusion, lies, double-standards, double-dealing, bullsh*t and plain EVIL.

While the Law is inadequate in dealing with it. Mostly, it only makes things WORSE for the victim – and allows the unscrupulous to make victims of the innocent.

Some would say a kick in the nuts would solve many of the problems – but predatory perverts are too subtle for that. Most victims traditionally KNOW their abuser.

Abusers “groom” their victims. And, as in S’Jimmy’s case, some simply do their abusing in plain sight…

For another take on this issue, go to I wrote THAT piece back when the Savile affair was just beginning – then added to it later as more information emerged.


6 responses to this post.

  1. You’re an idiot. She obviously didn’t appreciate it.

  2. Posted by Vincent on December 6, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    YOU’RE an idiot. “Obviously”? Were you THERE? I have watched the video several times – and I can say I have seen girls react with more gusto, having their skirts blown up on the exits to those old Crazy Houses they used to have in amusement parks.

    I have no doubt that S’Jimmy WAS a creep – getting his jollies by “fondling” the disabled. However, the featured clip does NOT, ALONE, damn him. Allied with what we now know, it is indicative – but taken by itself, it is benign.

    Furthermore, given that the BBC are “involved” – and despite all the old jokes, they are NOT POOR – it poses the question of how MANY of the claims now being made are GENUINE…

    Oh, and whilst I am happy to DISCUSS ANYTHING in these columns with ANYBODY – I do NOT appreciate name-calling. The above comment JUST stops short of being abusive and was obviously written by an intelligent person, so I’ve allowed it.

    But I will NOT tolerate moronic TROLLS.

  3. Isn’t it enough for you that she said later that she didn’t appreciate it and had been traumatised? Since when has sexual assault been acceptable if the victim is over the age of consent? Do you know the meaning of the word consent?

    I see you want a monoply on name calling as it’s ok for you to call me a moron. Having said that, I’ve no doubt that Savile was basicaly guilty – he said so in his book and I also know a very truthful person who saw him at it – but there is some danger of a witch-hunt now.

    Idiots – yes, idiots – have said ‘Savile was a Jew and Savile was a Jewish name.’ No it is a northern English name and he was a Catholic. It’s been said that he was a Freemason and in the Illuminati, all evidence-free. Now, the latest is that he beat and raped a twelve year old in a Satanic ritual while chanting in Latin. The ritual bits anyway do not ring true. It’s doubtful that there is such a thing as Satanism. This sounds like the beginning of a literal witch-hunt. Literally demonising people or groups of people is dangerous. The Daily Express is a very bad paper but I expected better of them than this.

  4. Posted by Vincent on January 19, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Okay – number one: I did NOT call you a moron – only TROLLS – and I pointed out I had printed your comment as you obviously were NOT such a person.

    Number two – I only said “idiot” as YOU had done so.

    And number three, I noted that the girls surrounding Savile – including the one he assaulted/touched up/goosed/whichever – were apparently over the age of consent. But I did NOT suggest this gave Savile – or anyone else for that matter – license to MOLEST them.

    Fact is, I believe we are probably in agreement on most aspects of this matter and would probably get on if we met in a pub (not likely, as I’m retired abroad) so should not ARGUE about it.

    My early comments on the business were based on an assumption Savile was merely being a part of the Seventies sexual freedom – but later developments suggested that his role was far more sinister. However, I decided to leave the story as I’d written it – as an evolving thing.

    Your latest shows you too have a balanced view of this matter, being unwilling to be carried along by its more absurd interpretations – the Illuminati and such-like.

    My overall view, now more facts and claims are in, is that Savile took advantage of the prevailing social climate to engage in DEEPLY creepy activities. My only word of caution is that the claims need to be examined CLOSELY, so that fortune-hunters can be separated from those who WERE abused.

    There is a “sister” piece – which also “evolves” – to this one on my alter-ego column, Damien. You can find it at

    Feel free to leave a comment there, too. And I’m sure NEITHER of us has reason to name-call!

  5. Well, actually, dear Morpheus, I think we do agree on a good deal. I was reluctant to accept any of the allegations on Savile at first as they came from unreliable sources such as David Icke and a forged transcript.

    Now, I suppose we must accept that it is mostly true as the evidence seems to be overwhelming. I even accept the necrophilia and preying on terminally ill children – at least they seem quite plausible. But the stuff about Satanism sounds nuts. It’s like an urban myth. It’s not necessary to literally put horns and a tail on a rapist. Nor is there much other evidence that Savile used more force than was necessary to obtain what he wanted ie sex. Violence for its own sake is not an established part of his M O. He was an opportunist. He didn’t need candles and incense and Latin to get him going!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if 99 % of the allegations are true. But this stuff about Satanism and witchcraft is scary. It’s not much of a leap from accusing your neighbours of being witches to setting them on fire! It looks like Savle was at it well before the 70s but the decade nearly let paedophilia go mainstream. Sexual liberation sounds like a great thing, but we lost sight of the fact that some people do need to be protected.

  6. Posted by Vincent on January 20, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    I agree with ALL of that. Being ex-pat, I had not heard about the Satanism allegations, etc. But I guess the news services over here glossed over that, figuring, as they say, that “Most Rumours Are True – And Most Conspiracy Theories Are Codswallop” – and Satanism, the Illuminati and Masons’ excesses DEFINITELY fall into the LATTER category!

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