Morpheus on… Where Does The GOP Go From Here?

These days, Republicans are utterly out of touch with reality.

This was evidenced by an ad they made for the last election. In it, they showed a clip of Barry Obama’s appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon – “slow-jamming the news” – and asked, “Is this the man you want in the White House?”

The problem was, the only votors who said no were right-wing arseholes – and the GOP already HAD them. Everyone else said, “Yeah, he’s COOL!”

Thus, the Republicans succeeded in blowing a fortune on an ad for the DEMOCRATS. What we in England would call an “own goal” (where a player accidentally deflects the ball into their own goal – hilarious).

And it WORKED: America went on to realise that Willard “Mitt” Romney WAS one of the Wall Street robber barons who had wrecked their economy and thus it would not be in their best interests to have him in the Oval Office. Barry cruised it.

So where does this leave them now?

Barry could care less. He only has four years to try to fix some of the damage inflicted on America by The Monkey’s administration – and will have to fight Congress tooth and nail all the way (although he has finally said he will invoke Presidential Privilege if necessary).

While the Democrats are struggling to find a successor to the great man.

Of course, in Russia, faced with the same situation as America has – a president can only serve two successive terms – Putin essentially handed the reins to a token (his PM) for a term and has now returned for (probably) two more terms.

Cute, but America will not go for that – particularly since it would mean Uncle Joe Biden running the White House for four years.

Of course, there is always Old Ma Clinton: but besides her currently having health issues, America still appears to be reluctant to vote for a female POTUS – despite more than half her population being women and the USA being a matriarchy.

But at least the Democrats HAVE candidates – the GOP has NO-ONE.

John Boehner cannot even pronounce his own name properly (it’s BONER) and is a cry-baby.

Chris Christie looks like he should be running the Teamsters, not the country.

Bobby Jindal looks like he should be manning a computer helpline.

And Sarah Palin… seriously?

After 2008, it seems unlikely the GOP will consider an old geezer like John McCain.

The probable candidate will be one of the slick, young, handsome NEW guys – like Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan.

And if the Democrats do not want to see one of THOSE empty suits sitting in the Oval Office, they had better get their skates on.

Because while Barry Obama may have Four More Years – THEY only have TWO…


4 responses to this post.

  1. The Repubs need to field a candidate with a sensayuma, among other qualities like smart and informed…

  2. Posted by Vincent on February 3, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    I have often wondered whether right-wingers HAVE a sense of humour. Seriously. I mean, one can think of MANY comics and comedy shows that are “biased” to the left – or liberal – viewpoint. But I don’t think anyone has ever launched a comedy career or series based on right-wing ideals. From memory, the few who have TRIED have only succeeded in bringing huge piles of POOP down on themselves (Bernard Manning, Andrew Dice Clay, etc.) In fact, I’m not sure if it is POSSIBLE to be a right-wing comedian!

  3. Reagan had a sensayuma, and it served him well. As for ‘right-wing’, is this synonymous with ‘conservative’ or some other thing(s)? It doesn’t mean much to me. Dennis Miller is a funny guy, self-described as conservative, but he ain’t a politician, nor should he be..

  4. Posted by Vincent on February 3, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    Hmm. Dennis is certainly the exception that proves the rule. I HATE his politics – but he does make me laugh. I guess funny is funny. And he is careful to avoid the right-wing excesses of racism, sexism, etc.

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