Morpheus on… Joe Guzman

The City Of Chicago has just named its first Public Enemy Number One – since Al Capone.

His name is Joaquin Guzman – and he is a dollar billionaire (short, American version) drug dealer, currently hanging out somewhere in Mexico.

But back in the day (as Americans say) Capone had the legs chopped from beneath him when America legalised and regulated booze – his primary source of income.

Do Americans learn NOTHING from their past?


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  1. I’ve lived long enough to confidently conclude that “we” don’t learn from the past. In general, knowledge of history is not well taught or taught at all in schools. I learned my history from my father and from living and reading. As for the “we” who should learn, it is the lawmakers – who care only for elections, not doing rational things. We should de-criminalize the taking of currently unapproved psychoactive drugs and treat them like we treat alcohol. But, this would put too many bureaucrats out of work. Look at this video for a different slant with the same conclusion.

  2. Posted by Anonymous on February 16, 2013 at 10:53 pm

    I watched the lecture by Graham Hancock which the link from Ron Pavellas took me to. I approved of much that GH said. I am, however, loyal to what GH calls ‘science’ and ‘scientists’ but, at the same time, I recognise that most people cannot handle the harsh reality of mortality which science reports finding. I approve of telling such weak people fairy stories about a natural afterlife, or pseudo-scientific spiritualism, so as to comfort them. This is especially proper when children are in terminal illness. Insofar as the Amazon use of plants can support the comforting, and specifically sustain and build the healthy morality of co-operation and sociability, l am all for it. ONE WORD OF WARNING: The much-vaunted ancient Eygyptians were slave-owners. Their big deal, spirituality-wise, was for the gangsters calling themselves priests and kings, not for yer ordinary bloke slogging his balls in the fields, or dragging great stones around for some poncy jerk-wad’s tomb. Get a grip, guys and gals, and hold on tight.

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