Morphy on… My Life Thus Far

One thing we can never know about our life …is when it will END. 

Of course, like the movie star George Sanders, we can choose to cash in our chips at a pre-determined point.

But while – like George – I am less than enamoured with the prospect of losing my powers and/or my marbles …I have no such plans.

I’ve worked and schemed HARD to retire at 50 – and now life is GOOD.

And anyway, I have RESPONSIBILITIES – like a WIFE (not to mention two dogs, a cat, several squirrels and a squadron of LBBs – all of whom depend upon ME).

In any case, since this is undoubtedly the only life I will ever GET, I OWE it to myself to keep on truckin’ – forever looking around the next bend.

After fifty-eight summers in this place, I have evolved a belief-system: Atheist-Buddhist-Darwinist-Humanist-Cosmicist-Continuumist – which convinces me that this is IT. There is NO “after-life”.

Thus I intend to leave my MARK in THIS life and since I do not, realistically, expect to ever become a famous movie star (or have a marble statue erected in my honour) these columns and my YouTube channels will have to suffice.

How long they will LAST – depends entirely upon FATE. Perhaps a new cleaner at WordPress and/or YouTube will pull the plug on the main-frame out, to connect up their hoover?

But while WordPress and YouTube DO survive, they will include these concepts and moments from my life – that gave me pause.

Now statistically I SHOULD have about twenty years LEFT in This Place, but I could conk out while writing thi

Nope, still here!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, there is no afterlife. But it is perhaps only kind to pretend there IS, when terminally ill children are involved. Also with old folk who have had a life of unrelenting hard work and zero fun. However, religion is the root of all evil, so a non-theist spiritualism is my answer, to be promoted by the state in order to (1) cause religions to fade away as drab and nasty in comparison plus (2) comfort the intellectually challenged.

  2. Posted by Vincent on March 31, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    Yes, I agree that children (and those adults with the brains of children) SHOULD have something to cling to. But it should be LIMITED to “soft” atheism, or agnosticism – whereby people would just have HOPE, rather than the BLIND FAITH that drives them to stupid and unspeakable acts.

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