Morpheus on… The Military

The Military is an evil and immoral organisation.

Its end product is the destruction of minds, property and ultimately – life.

It uses a concept of misbegotten national pride to trick young, gullible people into “serving their country” – and if that fails, they try money.

And since all politicians salivate over their county’s military power, they make sure it has a bottomless pit of funding available, regardless of the cost to its taxpayers.

But they do not stop there – they also pervert scientists.

They ensure all new inventions are first evaluated for their “strategic” worth – then finance research into those which show promise.

So how can this vile force be curtailed? Simple. Have nothing to DO with it. Starve it of its human resources.

The politicians will always lavish it with funding. This cannot be stopped. However, ultimately it will always rely on people – and there lies its weakness.

Most developed countries’ governments do not DARE to introduce (or reintroduce) National Service.

Thus, if the scientists join the cause, The Military will be paralysed.

Right now, governments are looking to the day when science will make “boots on the ground” obsolete.

Whether this will ever happen is unknown. But if it does, it is certain the “developed” countries will achieve it first.

Which in turn will result in a continuation and escalation of the only weapon that “developing” countries have at their disposal – terrorism.

So unless the people AND egg-heads unite – the future is not bright.


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