Morpheus on… “Elementary”

Season One has just had its finalé here in the Orient – and a second season has been green-lit. GOOD.

CBS originally planned to do a US version of the British show “Sherlock” – but it then occurred they could save money by doing their OWN update. Sherlock’s producer Sue Virtue watched closely, but to no avail – CBS took NOTHING from that also-excellent show (so she COULDN’T sue!)

Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch, who had earlier WORKED with Elementary lead, Jonny Lee Miller in London – they had swopped rôles nightly, playing Victor Frankenstein and his monster, at the National – but back to Elementary…

The season-closer had Irene Adler and Moriarty turning out to be one and the same person. A great idea, but spoiled by the wooden performance of Natalie Dormer as Irene.

Jonny, as Holmes, gives excellent value. Hot on the heels of his success as a villain-of-the-season in the outstanding “Dexter”, his career in America seems now assured.

While Lucy Liu is surprisingly good as Watson.

But one can think of a DOZEN actresses who would have given a better reading of the sizzling lines Dormer’s character(s) had.

If Season Two of Elementary is to begat a third, the show needs to FORGET those characters – or at least find a way to REPLACE the execrable Dormer…


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