Morpheus on… Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

For its first two-and-a-half years, “The Daily Show” was helmed by a guy called Craig Kilborn. Who? Precisely.

But in January 1999, Jon Stewart took over the big chair and has – aside from a handful of editions – been there ever since.

It almost never happened. He was number two on a shortlist of two, for the new late night talk show intended to follow the late night talk show (huh?) – “The Tonight Show” – number one being Conan O’Brien.

And you know how THAT went: Coco got the gig – hung on for a decade – then was promoted to The Tonight Show, where he crashed and burned.

But once in a while, Fate gets it right. Thankfully, Ronald Reagan did NOT play Rick Blaine in “Casablanca” – and Shirley Temple got passed over by the producers of “The Wizard Of Oz”.

And instead of becoming just another chat show host, Jon became the guy the smart people in America get most of their news from – the dummies get it from Fox.

You could call Jon the antiFox – and the World DESPERATELY needs one of those.

The alternatives are bimbos like…

Gretchen Carlson

And gays like…

Shep Smith

(He’s STRAIGHT? Are you kidding? Where’s his wife and kids? He’s divorced, with no kids? Like I said…)

But now we are in trouble: Jon spent many years trying to break into the movie biz and is currently taking two months OFF The Daily Show, to direct – his chair being filled with the posterior of John Oliver.

Now as an ex-pat Brit myself, this should give me reason to cheer. However, while John is a fine writer and “correspondent” – he ain’t no Jon Stewart.

And we NEED our Daily dose of reality in the media world of bullshit. It won’t come from CNN – they are old and fat now. NBC are lame and the rest are dominated by the Right. While Fox is dominated by the CRAZY Right.

So for f***s sake Jon – come back SOON, y’hear?

UPDATE! Jon is now back – and John has a new weekly show – with which, I wish him well.

But the gay-looking guy above is now in the shit; he had the temerity to call Robin Williams a coward, for cashing in his chips. Obviously (and unfortunately) he has never considered the move. If he had, he would have realized that taking an early bath requires GUTS.

It is WAY less easy to off yourself than many people think. Even the method picked by Robin is tough, since few people know how to hang a person correctly.

Do it right and your death is quick.

Mr Williams did not – and as a result, asphyxiated himself.


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