Morpheus on… Julian Assange And “Degrees Of Rape”

There has been much discussion – and the sacking of some judges – associated with this notion of late. So ARE there “degrees” of rape?

Many who have BEEN raped would say no, there is just RAPE. But let us examine the issue DISPASSIONATELY.

In my treatise on love, sex and relationships, “Love, Sex & Relationships… the whole damn thing online” (see I argue that rape is a crime of VIOLENCE – not sex. And I touch on the subject of “degree” by offering two extreme examples…

(1) A woman walks through a park in broad daylight and is pulled into some bushes by a man who places a knife to her throat and forces her to have sex with him.

(2) A prostitute accepts a cheque from a punter and when it bounces, says, “Oh shit, I’ve been raped again.”

The first example is obviously full on RAPE – the second is an old music-hall joke. But they demonstrate the POINT.

However, few rape cases are as clear-cut as these two. Many years ago, my mother was on jury duty and was supposed to decide whether a rape had occurred between two people who were NOT the sharpest tools in the box – and came to the conclusion that even THEY did not know.

There was no dispute that intercourse had taken place – but the circumstances were somewhat confused.

And given the results for the accused of a CONVICTION, the juror needs to be 100% CLEAR on what happened.

Which brings us to the curious case of Julian Assange.

According to Wikipedia – moving AWAY from the issues surrounding his deeds as an activist – the specific CRIMES he is accused of are…

Assange is accused of sexual misconduct with two women while in Sweden in August 2010.

The first woman, Miss A, had allowed Assange to stay at her flat while she was away. When Miss A returned she accused Assange of aggressively pursuing sex with her on 13 August, to which she reluctantly agreed.

She also accused Assange of not properly using a condom. Assange denies these accusations. Miss A put on a party for Assange the following day and continued to let him stay in her flat.

The second woman, Miss W, took Assange to her flat and had consensual sex with him using a condom. However Miss W accused Assange of having unprotected sex with her the next day, starting when she was half asleep. Assange again denies these accusation.

Miss W later contacted Miss A, compared stories and went to the police wanting Assange to have a STD test to which Assange did not initially agree.

On 20 August 2010, Swedish police began an investigation into allegations concerning Assange’s behaviour. Assange has described all the sexual encounters as consensual, and statements by the plaintiffs confirm that the encounters at least started as such.


Well, In My Day, if a woman had voluntarily entered a man’s flat (or she invited him into hers) and they were “unchaperoned” – ALL judges would have thrown any rape case OUT. They would have said she had “asked for it”.

But now, such a view would NOT fly in any but the most RETARDED countries of the World – and rightly so.

I myself have been received in probably HUNDREDS of women’s abodes – and they in mine – without any SUGGESTION of impropriety taking place (work colleagues, non-sexual encounters – even DATES that went nowhere). We have GROWN UP.

But Assange’s case is rather different. “Miss A” appears to have been INVOLVED with him, to say the least – and “Miss W” (why not “Miss B”?) was IN BED with him.

Now while it is fair to say that a woman who enters a man’s abode unchaperoned is NOT “asking for it” – if she enters his BED, what happens there is a whole different ball-game (so to speak). Talk of rape THEN – IS Political Correctness Gone Mad.

In fact, the whole Assange “rape” case fair REEKS of suspicion. And, given those OTHER issues, accusations of a “set-up” MUST be taken seriously.

Currently the man is still stuck in the Ecuadorian embassy, with a complement of Met coppers on duty outside ready to grab him, should he make a break for it.

They have been there now for nearly fifteen months, at a cost to the British taxpayer of around six million quid (how much are they PAYING those guys? That’s a hundred grand a WEEK).

Anyhoo, Keystone Kops and Banana Republic Asylum notwithstanding, the RAPE CASE is certainly farcical. In more sensible times, it would not have been permitted to do what it IS doing – CLOUD THE REAL ISSUE. Is Assange a legitimate whistle-blower? Or just a self-promoting mischief-maker?

Had THAT case been allowed to go to court – a fair, NEUTRAL court – then justice SHOULD have been done.

And those denizens of the law would be spending their time doing what they signed up for – solving CRIMES instead of hanging around Knightsbridge, BABY-SITTING.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by cyrusquick on September 22, 2013 at 1:59 am

    When a cost to the British taxpayer is estimated in such a case as this I suspect that the entire police and civil service costs technically involved is divided by the number of worker-hours and it is decided how many worker-hours are spent on this job.

    But this is not realistic. If the police and civil service did only one job, say, arranging protection for Queen Salote of Tonga, then that job would be said, on the buro-cretin basis, to have cost billions. Actually, the core cost is fixed whether the guys and gals do any work in addition to sharpening pencils or not.

    I might be wrong. But I am certain that SOME fiddly thought processes are involved here. It is what the authorities are good at – fiddling.

  2. Posted by Vincent on September 22, 2013 at 9:33 am

    That makes good sense. It ia all too easy to top up the cost of a job by including figures that would have been spent anyway – but FIDDLING? Surely not.

    I mean, the fact the government FORGETS the chronic early C20th infant mortality rate, when calculating our life expectancy (to enable them to convince us that we will all live to a hundred – thus allowing them to hold back our state pensions until we pass 80) is just an OVERSIGHT…

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