Morpheus on… Democracy

When Westerners speak of Democracy, they do so in reverential terms. But what’s so GREAT about it? One man (or woman) one vote. But usually, that one vote is good for one of only TWO people or parties. The lesser of two weevils.

And it can go horribly wrong. Back in 2000, Ralph Nader ran for the U.S. Presidency as an independent. Now it was HIS democratic right to do so, even though he MUST have known he didn’t have a hope in hell and it would likely take votes from Al Gore – votes which turned out to be CRITICAL.

How ironic that those few votes resulted in eight years of The Monkey. Ironic, because as a campaigner for peoples’ safety, it is a reasonable assumption that Nader would have been FOR the Kyoto agreement – which, unlike George Wan…sorry, WaLker Bush, Gore would DEFINITELY have signed.

Anyhay, Democracy. The thing is, once a person or party is in – even if only a minority of the population actually VOTED for them – they pretty much have carte blanche. The only TRUE system of Democracy would be something like that portrayed in the movie “The Rise And Rise Of Michael Rimmer” – which was a comedy, but did include the inspiration for the following…

Every month, people would write in with propositions. Then, in an office somewhere, a group of civil servants would sift through the letters, converting them into bill concepts. Then, the top ten would be voted on by the population, in the form of a referendum. And whatever the people decided, the government would implement.


The propositions left over would carry over to the next month and join new bill concepts and again the top ten would… And so on.

There’s just one problem. By the end of the year, you’d have the death penalty re-instated for people whose car alarms go off all night – in fact, a system of justice that would drag society back to the Middle Ages.

And what about the REAL business of government? I once ran an M.P. to The House in my then-role as a limo-driver. After he had gone, I discovered that he had left his briefcase on the back seat. Knowing how government likes to “leak” ideas they need FEEDBACK on (if the feedback is SERIOUSLY negative, they then have deniability) I eagerly checked out the contents.

Farming quotas.

Most government business is BORING. And highly TECHNICAL. How many people know whether Britain should sell weapons to Mgaliland? How many have HEARD of Mgaliland? If YOU have, you’re a LIAR – I just made it up.

M’point is, the business of government is for SPECIALISTS. For the besuited tosspots who at least know something ABOUT it. And the idea that the oiks who slavishly put their little Xs in those little boxes every few years have ANY REAL CONTROL over these smugbastards is a complete FALLACY.

Of course, it is still better than a straight dictatorship – at least with Democracy, you can CHANGE the dictator periodically…


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